Review: Howard The Duck #1

Howard_the_Duck_1_CoverFirst spectacular issue! A great jumping on point! Sure to go up in value! Don’t miss out on the series everyone is calling “Howard the Duck!” The last page will shock you! Nothing will EVER be the same again! Hey! Where are you going? Come back! Waugh!

This is the second first issue of Howard the Duck that Chip Zdarsky  and Joe Quinones have given us this year, and while the story doesn’t carry on where the last issue left off the feel of the comic does, and I absolutely love it. If you think comics should be fun , then you should be reading Howard The Duck. If you think reviews should be longer, well then keep reading.

Howard The Duck ended the last season/volume/five issue series as a comic that took great delight in poking fun at the Marvel Universe, and the plethora of reboots and relaunches that the company, and industry in general, has been so fond of lately. Thankfully, that hasn’t changed. Chip Zdarsky is still taking good hearted pot shots at the comics industry, but he’s doing it without detracting from the well written (if somewhat simple) story line. Joe Quinones artwork continues to shine in this issue, his pencils giving a sense of innocent simplicity to the series that works very well with how the writing distances itself somewhat from the tonally darker stories that had been taking place in the Marvel Universe.

Chip Zdarsky has written a comic that is willing to take a poke not only at itself, but at the Marvel Universe as a whole. There are tongue in cheek jabs at everything from interstellar travel times to typical comic book conventions such as the recap page that make everything from the front cover to the very last page worth reading.

I’m an unashamed fan of this series, and I’ve been singing it’s praises since the first issue. It’s one of the highlights of my pull list every month, and I’ve really enjoyed Howard‘s almost irreverent treatment of some of Marvel‘s biggest names in the series so far. To say that I’m happy the series is back would be a bit of an understatement.

As with the last issue, amidst all the zany antics that Howard and Tara find themselves in this issue, there are still poignant moments between the shape shifter and the anthromorphic duck.

If all that wasn’t enough to encourage you to think about picking Howard The Duck #1 up, there is also a backup strip featuring Gwenpool. Admittedly I am nowhere near familiar with this character (was she a fan art mashup that took off? Am I remembering that right?) the backup story was just as entertaining as the main strip. Why is Gwenpool featuring in Howard The Duck?

Honestly, I had no idea. It seemed like it was shoe horned in to add some buzz to a title that, as much as I love it, may have been lost among the other big name Marvel offerings during the All New All Different relaunch. Whether that’s the case or not, the back up story is actually really entertaining. I was expecting to rate this comic ignoring the Gwenpool story (and even without it, Howard The Duck #1 is worth buying), but the back up story isn’t filler. Instead the backup strip is as good as, if not better than, most of the other full comics I’ve read this month.

There have been some great comics released this week, and this ranks right up there among the best.

Writer: Chip Zdarsky Artist: Joe Quinones & Joe Rivera
Story: 10 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.75 Recommendation: Buy

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