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Remembering 9/11

Superman 911Today is a day for remembrance. I don’t care what your political affiliation may be, I want you to think back to that infamous day. For on that day we were not rich or poor, defined by any color or even good or bad people. We were simply just Americans. Americans who were trying to deal with an injustice that many of us until then thought only existed in the pages of comic books. We were wrong.

Evil didn’t just exist in a comic book, no. Luckily for us, neither did heroes. I will never forget what real heroes did for us that day. How they put their bodies and lives on the line without even a second thought. I often wonder could I summon such courage had I have been in their shoes. I’d like to think I could, but thanks to these spectacularly selfless people I may never have to.

So I ask any of you who reads this today, to take a moment of your time and remember them. Remember those brave souls who lost and gave their lives, so that we may live a better one when we wake each morning. Please remember that spirit and fire you felt when you witnessed this unfathomable tragedy. Though fourteen long years have passed, it is so easy to have a short memory. Don’t. Today when you bow your head in silence, pay homage to those who had the courage to do whatever needed to be done. They don’t need medals or awards or parades. They simply need your thanks. Remember their loss was our loss. I’m not interested in theories or conspiracies. No, not today.

Today just give them what they eternally deserve. Today we grieve for only one day, and for one cause. Today we are One America. God bless us all. May we never forget. May we never surrender, and thank God for heroes.

Almost American