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Review: Catwoman #44

CW44Catwoman #44 continues to build towards an extraordinary crescendo as every crime syndicate begins to make serious plays for power, while Gotham is left hanging in the balance, awaiting a new criminal ruler.

The story opens with Selina Kyle, Killer Croc and Eiko, as the latter recovers from being recently attacked by Black Mask. From there, the narrative spends a good amount of time focusing on Selina and her own personal feelings towards how the crime syndicate has taken a toll of her. It is the first time she truly begins to accept that the life she is currently leading is not for her, and this causes her to become a sympathetic character trying to do good by herself. Underneath her optimism though, lies the danger of the world she has engrossed herself in and the ripple effects of her actions. Writer Genevieve Valentine does a phenomenal job creating a sense of tension around the happily optimistic Selina, by giving the supporting characters a large amount of time to grow and build their own tale. There is an obvious sense that all these stories will collide in horrific fashion and each panel creates more and more empathy for Selina and the difficult future that awaits her. The motivations and future actions of Antonia, Eiko, and Black Mask are all set up logically and in a way that truly sets up Selina’s entire criminal empire to crumble around her.

The artwork works well with the type of tale that is being told. The characters are emotive enough that the true feelings a character is dealing with are apparent, whether it be anguish, shock, or distrust, that many times words are not necessary to convey the point. The only true issue with the art, comes in the form of small white lines filling the majority of the black coloring in the issue. It is many times distracting, especially in clothing. In certain scenes, such as Killer Croc’s pants, Eiko’s shirt, or Antonia’s suit, it becomes so distracting it takes away from the natural flow of the story. But, other than these instances the art is very strong in convening a very personal, conversation driven narrative.

Overall, Catwoman #44 is a fantastic comic that sets up an exciting conclusion for the best crime drama DC Comics is currently producing.

Story: Genevieve Valentine Art: David Messina
Story: 9 Art: 7 Overall: 8 Recommendation Buy

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