Batgirl: R.I.P: Yvonne Craig Passes Away

craig021“Who was this masked madam?”

It’s certainly a sad day for me. One of the tv icons I was fondest of growing up has passed away. Yvonne Craig (age 78) who is best known (at least to me) for playing Batgirl in the now classic 60’s live action incarnation of Batman, is no more.

She had a long suffered bout with breast cancer but she kept on the fight like a true hero would. She was a pioneer in women playing caped heroes onscreen.

A fun fact is she was so popular as Commissioner Gordon’s daughter on the show that it forced DC Comics to include her in the monthly Batman adventures of Detective Comics. She made her debut in 1967 in Detective Comics #359. (Which now will be very sought after).

The point is folks, Barbara Gordon the character that so many love, may not have happened if it wasn’t for the memorable actress playing her first. Yes, I know Yvonne is known for so much more than donning a mask, but to me I’ll always remember her speeding through Gotham City on her motorcycle looking so glam and ready to kick butt. Sure the entire show was campy but it was still grand and served as most people’s introduction to Batgirl. Today she still serves as the only on-screen portrayal of Barbara Gordon that matters. (Sorry Alicia Silverstone, but we’d like to use some Bat-Wake spray to make us forget that awful acting in Batman and Robin movie, and the movie all together!)

Somebody please tell Alfred to make room in the cave for another display. Today another crime fighter hangs up her boots and comes home. Goodbye Mrs. Craig, thank you for all the memories and say hello to Caesar Romero, Burgess Meridith and Frank Gorshin for us! Gotham City will definitely be less safe without you.