Review: Midnighter #3

Midnighter #3 CoverMidnighter’s up against Multiplex, the man with the power of infinite self-replication—in other words, all his dreams are coming true! Infinite clones mean infinite bones to break…

Midnighter #3, so much to love in this issue. The story is somewhat self-contained while at the same time adding layers upon layers to Midnighter and the longer narrative. Writer Steve Orlando has done an impressive job in a third issue where he’s created a stand alone comic that a new reader could pick up, at the same time adds so much to what he’s already built with the first two. The issue too is entertaining enough that I’d hope those new readers would stick around for the next one.

Ok, so here’s why the issue is so good, and lets start with the story itself.

The issue has Midnighter beating the living shit out of people, while attempting to rescue a young black girl that has been kidnapped, and its been ignored by the police. There’s so much that can be said by that aspect alone of the comic, but it has a hero not just defending folks, but defending those the police often ignore (and abuse themselves) in real life.

There’s also the mix of Midnighter’s personal life, which is a major focus of Orlando. The series isn’t just about the ultraviolence (which is fun unto itself), but it’s also about a hero trying to figure out who he is, literally. Is he the mask, or more than that? Add in the fact that he’s a gay man, and the layering of his personal life versus profession gets even more fascinating (classes could be devoted to this).

This issue also sees the artist Aco bounce back from an uneven last issue. Around page 12 when that ultraviolence starts, the art makes it fun by bringing the kinetic feel of it all to life. With a “thrall,” “bang! krak,” and “crash,” rendered in three distinctive ways ups the style is such a cool way. I especially loved the “bang! krak” panel rendered in a retro pop-art way.

The issue is a stand alone comic that also adds to the ongoing narrative. It gives us violent action, and tender moments. We also get some solid commentary about today’s issues. All this in one comic! Did I enjoy it? If the above isn’t evidence enough… hells yes I enjoyed it. You will too. Go and buy this.

Story: Steve Orlando Art: Aco
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review