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Otakon’s Unofficial Attendance Number

P1030619Otakon, one of the largest anime and manga conventions on the East Coast has released the initial numbers for attendance as far as this year’s show. The convention has said their attendance is 26,500 as of now. They are still working out their final official number, which will be released in the next week or two and be the one that is included on their web site.

The convention is an impressive one taking up the entirety of the Baltimore Convention Center, something the Baltimore Comic Con doesn’t even do. The convention not only packs that, it also spills over in the surrounding city area as groups of individuals get together for meet-ups and photo shoots of the amazing cosplay on display.

While I’m still working through my thoughts of the show, I have to say, this is a fantastic convention and if you’re interested in manga, anime, or cosplay, and are in the area, it’s a convention well worth checking out.