Review: Wolf #1

Wolf01_CoverCrime procedurals are commonplace on TV as shows such as Law and order, CSI, NCIS, the Wire, Homicide and True Detective has had audiences engrossed for more than quarter century. Before these shows captured the public’s attention, the only crime procedural that, came close, was Dragnet. Along with the rise of the this type of show, came the hero worship of the anti-hero, guys/girls who came across difficult people , battling demons, and fighting the battle of good and evil while on the fringe of morality. Characters like Vic Mackey and Ray Donovan, are perfect examples of the anti–hero.

Ales Kot is one writer, who is not afraid of pushing boundaries, as his work on Bucky Barnes and Change, prove that not only he understands story structure, but aim to provide something that has never been seen before. Matt Taylor is an illustrator, whose work is so atmospheric and mind blowing, that one can get lost in what he creates. When I heard these two were getting together, to create Wolf, I must admit, that I had my doubts, as it seems as though they would not match up well. This is one of the few times, that I am glad I was wrong, so very wrong.

These guys hit it out of the park, within the first few pages, as Wolf, tells the story of Antoine Wolfe, a detective, who deals with all thing paranormal, and with just about all detectives, paranormal or not, he has his own personal demons, he is constantly fed up and where doing the right thing, is almost like a chore, and not what he is getting paid to do, my kind of (anti) hero. Needless to say, there is a lot going on in this 64 page 1st issue, as the reader gets to meet landlords who just so happens to be vampires to the classic baby being left at the door step example, but instead of a baby, it is an orphaned teenage girl, who as it seems to be, might be the key to apocalypse. I see where the comparisons to True Detective come from, as many procedural elements and long drawn out scenes are in play, and actually serve the story in a fine expositional style. I can definitely tell there is an overarching arc in play here, and one that I cannot wait to read in the next issue as Kot and Taylor, have created a new definition of “hard boiled detective”.

The best way I can explain how this story feels to me, it is as if it is a cross between Crime Story and American Horror Story, as it has some very familiar looking characters from both genre’s tropes but places these characters within this world, where both exist. The story by Kot shines, stumbles, and then soars, as the he provides a ride that will make any reader, a true believer. The art by Matt Taylor is a godsend, as I can looks at his drawings for hours, and the illustrations he provides for this comic, is magnificent. The teaming up of these talents to tell this story is what readers like me who love both genres, dream of. Overall, a great comic with an excellent premise, that will only get better, with the talents of Kot and Taylor lighting the way.

Story: Ales Kot Art: Matt Taylor
Story: 10 Art: 9 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review