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SDCC 2015: DC Collectibles Knocks it Out of the Park

I just came back from an event for DC Collectibles where they showed off some of what’s coming out over the next year or so. The figures and statues on display are amazing as expected. What’s even more amazing was what I wasn’t able to take photos of.

Out in July 2016 is a statue of Power Girl and Superman, both done up like carnival strong men. But, what’s different is, instead of the woman on the guy’s shoulder, Superman rests on Power Girl’s shoulder. It’s an amazing statue.

Even cooler is a figure out in June 2016 based on Batman: Arkham Knight. This figure, Batgirl…. but also Oracle! Yes, Barbara Gordon in wheelchair as an action figure. Amazing to look at with so much detail it blew my mind.

I wish I could take photos. Below is what I could take photos of as well as what else I couldn’t, but was on display.


On display but no photos allowed:


Power Girl and Superman – July 2016
Raven – July 2016
Lex Luthor – July 2016
Wonder Woman – April 2016
The Flash Captain Cold’s Gun – May 2016


Batman: Arkham Knight – Batgirl and Oracle – June 2016
Batman: The Animated Series – Harley Quinn
Batman: The Animated Series – Firefly
Batman: The Animated Series – Clayface
Batman: The Animated Series – Anti Fire Batman
DC Designer series – Greg Capullo – Survivor Batman <- straight out of Year Zero – July 2016
DC Designer series – Greg Capullo -The Flash – July 2016
DC Designer series – Greg Capullo – Wonder Woman
DC Designer series – Greg Capullo – The Joker


More photos to come later!