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Demo-Graphics: The State of Marvel Comics

In July of 2014, I looked at the Facebook demographics of Marvel. With San Diego Comic-Con kicking off this week, we’re returning to see how things stand. Yesterday was DC Comics‘ stats, and tomorrow will be Indie/Small Press comics.

For those that don’t know, this data is mined from Facebook’s demographic data using terms that correspond to likes, groups, etc. For this report, we’re not looking at Marvel Comics specifically, but also Marvel Studio, Marvel Entertainment, and more. So think of this as the Marvel brand.

Facebook Marvel Comics Fan Population: Over 22,000,000 United States

That’s up from last year’s stats by about 10.6 million, most of which is men. Since last year, Spanish speakers have shrank as part of the population. In 2014, they were 14.39% and in 2015 it now accounts for 13.18%.

Gender and Age

In 2014 Men made up about 63.16% of the population and women were 36.84% for those interested in Marvel. In the past year, Marvel has made an effort to engage the female demographic, but gains over the past year has mainly been with men. Though both gained, men increased by about 10 million, and women were about 200,000. Men are 77.27% of the population with women accounting for 20%.

Marvel Facebook gender 7.7.15

Here’s how the gender plays out over age.

Marvel Facebook age and gender 7.7.15

Marvel made gains age 22 to 41 mostly. Women did make gains as a percentage for those age 17 and under.

Marvel Facebook age and gender raw 7.7.15

Relationship Status

Compared to last year engaged, married, and unspecified gained in percentages.

Marvel Facebook relationship 7.7.15

And for those who like their pie charts.

Marvel Facebook relationship pie chart 7.7.15


As expected, with an older population higher degrees of college and up have increased when it comes to percentage.

Marvel Facebook education 7.7.15

Gender Interest

When it comes to those interested in the same sex, those percentages have dropped all around compared to last year.

Marvel Facebook gender interest 7.7.15


These stats were not available last year, so are presented for the first time.

Marvel Facebook ethnicity 7.7.15


These stats were not available last year, so are presented for the first time.

Marvel Facebook generation 7.7.15

Join us again tomorrow when we’ll look at indie/small press comics!

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