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Demo-Graphics: The State of DC Entertainment

With San Diego Comic-Con about to begin we’re looking at the demographic data for various publishers and comics. We’ve already posted Facebook‘s general stats, and tomorrow will be Marvel, followed by Indie comics, and the industry as a whole. Up now is DC Entertainment.

This statistic breakdown, we’ve looked at terms like DC Comics and Vertigo Comics, but not specific comic series or characters. It’s a focus on DC Entertainment and its publishing imprints. Think of it as looking at the DC brand.

Facebook DC Comics Fan Population: Over 12,000,000 US

Compared to 2014’s statistics, the DC population grew by about 7.6 million. So, over the year, DC has built up their social media presence in an impressive way, over doubling their presence on Facebook.

In 2014 Spanish speakers accounted for 14.55% of the population. In 2014, that amount dropped to 14.17%, not a huge difference considering the growth.

Gender and Age

In 2014, men accounted for 68.18% and women were 28.64% of the DC population. Flash forward about a year, and men now account for 73.33% and women are now 27.50%. That continues a greater gender divide compared to last year, and it has widened over the past two.

And here’s the stats in a handy pie-chart.

DC Facebook 7.7.15

And here’s how gender shapes up by percent over age. Compared to last years, it shows the widened gap.

DC Facebook gender age 7.7.15

Here’s the full raw numbers as far as age and gender. While the gap has widened overall, it’s not constant overall. Women age 21 and under have gained in percentage of the population. Age 17 and under women account for 43.33%, 10% points more than last year.

DC Facebook age and gender raw 7.7.15

Relationship Status

Compared to last year less folks are single, in a relationship, married, pretty much all stats other than complicated and unspecified when it comes to percent.

DC Facebook Relationship 7.7.15

And for those who like their data in pie chart form.

DC Facebook relationship pie chart 7.7.15


Compared to last year, the education stats haven’t changed all that much.

DC Facebook Education 7.7.15

Gender Interest

Compared to last year, the percents of those interested in the same gender has decreased.

DC Facebook gender interest 7.7.15


This is the first year for this data. As we have nothing to compare it to, I’ll just present it without comment, and save the analysis for later when I compare DC, Marvel, and Indie comics.

DC Facebook ethnicity 7.7.15


This stat too is new. Here it’s presented in it’s raw form, and we’ll compare it to Marvel and Indie comics later.

DC Facebook Generation 7.7.15

Come back tomorrow when we’ll look at stats for Marvel!

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