Suydam and Airboy Summed up in One Graph

This past week saw two controversies in the comic community. The first was raised here and concerned the portrayal of transgender individuals in Airboy #2. The second (which we didn’t cover) involved artist Arthur Suydam taking over four tables at Montreal Comic Con.

When it comes to degrading an entire group of people versus a creator being a dick, can you guess which received more coverage and chatter this week? If you picked tables, that’d be right.

Below is data from Topsy showing the mentions of “airboy,” “suydam,” and “#tablegate” on Twitter. As you can see, at its peak “suydam” was mentioned 50% percent more than the peak of of “airboy.” When it comes to blog post coverage, that too was more prevalent with sites having posts covering Suydam up within 24 hours of the news breaking, while the Airboy problem was more in the 48-60 hour period.

Over the past week, “airboy” has more Tweets, but going by current numbers over the next few days “suydam” will have overtaken it.


Keep in mind, those Tweets for Airboy also included defenders and those reviewing the comic. According to Topsy the term “Suydam” has a sentiment score of 19 over the past 3 days. “Airboy” has a score of 51. In other words, people are more negative in their Tweets about the table situation.

The Outhousers’ Jude Terror made the stats even more depressing with one Tweet:

Can anyone with a straight face say that our priorities as a community and industry aren’t out of whack?