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Sit Down, Folks, It’s Story Time!

storytimeDue to begin on Monday, Story Town is a unique project by creator Jason Albin Thomas. Unlike conventional comics, whether it’s your more typical web comics or traditional print (or digital) comics, Story Town is an interactive experience that involves the readers like few others. There’s a handy dandy graphic over to the left somewhere that helps explain how the interactivity works in Story Town, but in the most recent story, The Cat With The Brown Eyes, readers were asked to compliment each other and themselves. If not enough compliments were given, then there was a chance a character would die.

Despite the cutesy artwork, Story Town isn’t a children’s comic. That isn’t to say it isn’t kid friendly – it is – but the humor, and subject matter may at times be better suited to a mature reader. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Story Town is fun. Having never experienced a Story Town story as it’s released, I’ve never been a part of the interactive element, but according to the press release, “the experience of reading a Story Town [story] live with other Story Town fans is like watching a thriller movie with friends. There’s constant virtual arm clenching, hugging, celebrating, and grieving.”

The next Story Town story is Mertie a story of lonely a snail living in Story Town, and the obstacles she must overcome when tragedy strikes. Mertie is the fifth installment in the Story Town series, but if any of the other four are any indication, you can read them in any order. New material – between about five to eight pages – will posted on, in weekly intervals. If you need to catch up with previous stories, then an archive is available on the front page of the website as well.

Interacting with the community to decide an out come in a story isn’t new to comics (remember Jason Todd?), but the way in which Jason Albin Thomas interacts so frequently with Story Town‘s community is. If you want to join the next story, it begins at 9am Eastern, on the 6th of July.

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  • Brilliant!!!

  • Love Story Town!

  • Story Town can be a roller coaster of feels but it’s always worth it.

  • Story Town can be HARD to follow live, like a great TV show with cliffhangers. But the community makes it worthwhile. Forget the holiday weekend, I’m itching for Monday!

  • Story Town is wonderful!!!

  • I found Story Town on the recommendation of someone else (Jen of Epbot) and have never been so happy with a recommendation before! Jason is amazing at drawing out intense feelings – both positive and negative. I would say that we are experiencing the best possible collision of Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Color Purple. Hysterical fun with audience participation and inside jokes combined with emotional punches to the gut and outright sobbing. Somehow he ties this all together with whimsical drawings and a sense of humor that makes you want to be his best friend. Someday I *will* meet Jason in person, and I will treasure the drawing of a potato until the day I die.

  • Story Town is many things—A personal journey, a modern fable, a roller coaster of expectations. Jason Albin Thomas is a master puppeteer in the digital realm.

  • Story Town is amazing. It’s hard to overstate Jason’s gift for drawing readers in, and bringing his worlds and characters to life. Plus, he’s a really good guy, and is so appreciative of his fans.

  • Story Town is wonderful. If you can read To Lumber Home without tearing up at some point you need therapy. The artwork is fun and the stories have you on the edge of your seat. I’m so glad Jen at Epbot mentioned it. And order a Mystery Box, it’s a blast, everyone who sees it in the post office will wish it was theirs!