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Demo-Graphics: Comic Fandom on Facebook

It’s the first of the month and that means a new look at the demographics of people who “like” comics on Facebook. This data is compiled using demographic data from Facebook, and is limited to the United States.

This data is compiled using key terms, “likes,” users have as part of their profiles. Primarily terms are focused on generic ones such as “comics” or “graphic novels” or publishers. I stay away from specific characters, creators or series, because this does not indicate they are a comic book fan. Over 100 terms are used for this report.

Facebook Population: Over 47,000,000 in the United States

The total population increased by 10 million, bringing the total to over 47 million individuals. It is currently unknown where this increase came from, and we’ll be exploring some possibilities in our San Diego Comic-Con focused post. The current theory I have is that there is a summer boom, followed by a bust later in the year. There is also the possibility of a general increase in the male Facebook population. The Spanish-speaking population last month was 13.78%, and this month is 13.19%. That decrease in percentage is due to the fact the population did not increase to keep pace with the boom this month.

Gender and Age

Last month women accounted for 43.24% and men were 56.76%. The 10 million increase this month was mostly in the male segment which saw an increase of 7 million individuals. Women increased only 3 million. Now, men account for 59.57% of the population, while women are up to 40.43%. We’ll have further reporting on the decrease of the female segment in our SDCC report next week.

facebook gender 7.1.15

We’ll next look at how the percentage of women and men break down through age.

facebook gender age 7.1.15

Compared to last month, those 29 and under saw vasts increases in the millions. Those older did see an increase as well, but nearly the growth in volume of the Millennial segments.

facebook gender age raw 7.1.15

Relationship Status

Compared to last month, most segments saw increases other than women who were engaged which remained stagnant.

facebook relationship 7.1.15

And for those that like pie charts.

facebook relationship pie chart 7.1.15


Things haven’t changed that much compared to last month just some shifts as to percents due to growth.

facebook education 7.1.15

Gender Interest

Generally there stats remained very steady, even with the massive growth.

facebook relationship interest 7.1.15


We saw increases across for African Americans and Asians, but Hispanics decreased. Percentages though were mixed. African Americans increased by 1,100,000 individuals, but the percent dropped by 0.13%. Asian Americans increased by 400,000, and saw their percentage increase by 1.21%. Hispanics decreased by 1.2 million, but those that are Spanish dominant as far as language increased by 300,000 people.

facebook ethnicity 7.1.15


We can see the increase across the board, but it’s Millennials who saw the largest increase as a percentage of the population and Generation X decreased.

facebook generation 7.1.15

And that wraps up this month’s report. But, next week we start diving into our San Diego Comic-Con special reporting! Come back every day for new data and insight!