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ComiXology Announces Dark Horse and Version 3.7!

comixology HellboyComiXology continues to roll towards San Diego Comic-Con with two more announcements today following their announced exclusive deal with Marvel that applies to them and Amazon.

First, the digital comics platform announced an agreement with Dark Horse Comics to bring the company’s full digital catalog of collections, graphic novels, and manga to comiXology’s platform! Now, all Dark Horse Comics collections, graphic novels, and manga will be available on comiXology the same day the print versions arrive in bookstores.

The Dark Horse was the last major American publisher not on the digital platform. This agreement tears down the walled off environment people had been forced in to if they were interested in Dark Horse. Now individuals have a choice as to where they’d like to purchase their comics digitally, and achieve that in one app if they choose. A win for readers and customers.

More than 800 titles launch today on comiXology from Dark Horse, including 300, Astro Boy, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Blacksad, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fear Agent, Frank Miller’s Sin City, Hellboy, MIND MGMT, Serenity, Usagi Yojimbo, The Strain, Grendel, Umbrella Academy, Halo, Lone Wolf and Cub, and so much more.

On top of this deal, comiXology also announced the latest update to their apps. In their press release, the company said when they asked users what features they wanted, the ability to better manage their books was on top of the list. Version 3.7 of the app includes this functionality in new an interesting ways.

Long Press iOS OptionsHere’s the bullet points from the press release:

  • Smart Lists view allows for a quick and easy way to track what you’re reading with the In Progress and Unread lists, the ability to see what you’ve bought with the Recently Purchased list, and even a way to easily maintain your Wish List. You can also get custom recommendations to help you discover new titles and series with the Recommended for You list.
  • New Recommended for You list gives you personalized recommendations based on books you’ve purchased in the past.
  • Long press on any title in the Recommended for You section to Add to Wish List. Android app users can also long press to Add to Cart.
  • Use the new All/On Device filter to toggle between seeing all books you own and just the books you’ve downloaded to your device.
  • Long press on any of your books in Smart Lists and My Books grid view to mark as read, unread, archive or remove from device.
  • New robust sorting options and filters in My Books allow you to view your library sorted by Series, Purchase Date, and Title.
  • Toggle between three views in My Books: grid view, list view and the all-new cover view which lets you browse your library one full-screen cover at a time.
  • Cover view lets you see your entire collection cover by cover when browsing your library
  • Enlarged covers allow you to enjoy the artwork even more.

This is a function I know I struggle with in my reader, so glad to see comiXology tackle this. Responding to their customer’s wants is great to see, and solid customer service.

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  • What I want to know is if I can link my Dark Horse and Comixology accounts the way you can with Marvel, and if so, how. I’m poking around now, but so far no joy.

    • Nope. Dark Horse’s app is still run by Dark Horse. You can now just buy their books through comixology too. The difference is comixology runs the Marvel app too, as well as DC’s, which is why you can do that.

      • I get that but it should only require linking the libraries which are likely independent of the apps themselves. I know there are technical issues I am not aware of involved, but I do think this is something that should be pursued if possible. I can hope, at any rate. If not, nothing has really changed, I guess. Oh well. At least I can now start buying at Comixology though annoyingly I have DH e-goods via Amazon Kindle and the Dark Horse digital store. I like consolidation. =)