Breaking: Marvel, comiXology, and Amazon Expand Exclusive Deal

comixology small imageRumors have swirled about the future of various publishers and their relationship with comiXology and new parent company Amazon for quite some time, with lots of unfounded speculation and prognostication. It was announced today that Marvel, comiXology, and Amazon have not only renewed their exclusive relationship, but also expanded it. Not only will comiXology still be the exclusive partner to sell Marvel’s single issue digital comics, but that deal has expanded to the Amazon Kindle for the first time. Single issues of Marvel’s comics will now be sold for that platform day and date, something that’s only been available on comiXology digitally, and brick and mortar stores for physical copies.

comixology marvelSince Amazon purchased comiXology in 2014, many have wondered the impact that would have on the digital comic market. We are seeing some of the positives of such a partnership in this expansion that now makes single issues of Marvel comics to the estimated 30 million Kindle tablet owners, a potential boom in the digital comic marketplace. Kindle users will now be able to purchase Marvel’s single comics without seeking out another app.

Under this deal, over 12,000 single Marvel issues will become available and go on sale for the Amazon Kindle on June 18, 2015 around the world.

What this means for deals Marvel has with others is still unknown. Scribd, for instance, focused on their launch of some Marvel comics when their comics offering was announced, though that was just trades. It is unknown how long this exclusive deal is for, but it will be much more difficult for anyone to challenge comiXology with Marvel off the table. It will also likely influence other publisher’s decisions as their contracts become up for renewal. This is a pretty big deal that currently gives Marvel an edge when it comes to the digital comic market place.

Going in to San Diego Comic-Con, comiXology has announced they’ll be releasing digital and print variants. It’ll be interesting to see what else they might have up their sleeves, since this is the time of year for big announcements. We’ll update this story as more information becomes available.

(via Fast Company)