Graphic Policy E3 Live Update Schedule

Hello everyone! The 2015 Electronics Entertainment Expo is upon us and we are here to bring you live updates of the announcements from the major press conferences all afternoon. Things will get started in a little over half an hour with the Microsoft press conference. The full schedule, as well as links to our coverage of each can be found below as they go live.

Monday 6/15:

12:30 PM ET – Microsoft Press Event

4:00 PM ET – Electronic Arts Press Event

6:00 PM ET – Ubisoft Press Event

9:00 PM ET – Sony Press Event – Reaction

Tuesday 6/16:

12:00 PM ET – Nintendo Direct

1:00 PM ET – Square-Enix Press Event

9:00 PM ET – PC Gaming Press Event

Come back and follow as we share the reveals and add our own snark to the proceedings.