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Marvel promises a first look at All-New, All-Different Marvel in July…. or on June 4.

All-New All-Different Marvel TeaserOn Tuesday, Marvel released a press announcement of the July release of All-New, All-Different Marvel Previews which will provide us with our first look at their post Secret Wars plan. But, like a politician, they seem to be parsing their words closely, as the company “visited” four different websites today to spill details of exactly what we can expect, including new teaser artwork. Just remember, this isn’t a “reboot,” it’s a “refresh.”

I guess when their press release said:

This epic magazines features your first real look into All-New, All-Different Marvel! No daily teasers, no scouring the Internet for multiple announcements…

…they weren’t counting all of today’s teasers, and scouring the internet for multiple announcements… and also:

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The massive coverage starts today, a month before the previews are released…

So, on to the news!

On Fast Company, Marvel said:

  • The new line of comics will launch in the fall after Secret Wars wraps up
  • There will be 55 to 60 new titles, that’s less than is currently produced
  • These comics will launch with new #1 issues
  • The series will be rolled out over several months, about 3 to 4
  • The stories begin 8 months later meaning….

“…meaning that within those eight off-page months, things will have happened in characters’ lives to set the stage moving forward. For example, “It could be that they live in a new place or that someone near and dear to them has died, or they’re even married or pregnant”

  • We might expect more reboots “refresh” in the future, as Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso references a more seasonal model
  • Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Mark Waid, Dan Slott, Charles Soule, G. Willow Wilson, and Jeff Lemire are on board
  • Some Ultimate Marvel characters will survive in the main continuity (which makes us wonder if there’ll be other continuity), Miles Morales is a good bet since he’s in the promotional art above and was in the Free Comic Book Day All-New, All-Different Avengers which was in the new continuity.
  • The female Thor, Spider-Gwen, and Kamala Khan are here to stay for a while, and will be featured prominently in the relaunch. Other changes that remain are Falcon as Captain America, and an older Steve Rogers
  • There will be a new Hulk who will not be Bruce Banner, a retread of the mystery person behind the hero we saw with Thor
  • Wolverine will return to the Marvel universe, which also throws into chaos the rumors about the X-Men’s role in the new Marvel universe, and shits on some theories about Marvel and Fox

On Mashable, Marvel also said…

  • This new shake-up has been planned for years (which is a standard line, and if things are planned so far ahead you have to wonder about the flexible number of launch titles)
  • It won’t “erase or rewrite history” that has been established
  • Expect new “places on the map,” new teams, and new character to be brought back
  • There will be new characters wearing other’s costumes. (in the Free Comic book Day All-New, All-Different Avengers it’s been speculated that’s not Tony Stark as Iron Man)
  • There will be an “entirely new Spider-Man” (it’s  unknown if this is a reference to Miles Morales, or someone else)

Will there be enough room for him and Peter Parker? Read and find out

  • There will be all-new characters who will debut in “core titles”
  • “All-New, All-Different” is just a marketing tag line, it won’t be on comic titles

Via The Wall Street Journal

  • The seasonal approach mentioned above will be more like season of television shows

And finally the New York Post

  • The new Wolverine might not be Logan… copying the Hulk plotline mentioned above, as well as Thor
  • The below bullet point seemed interesting considering the rumors of the X-Men’s future:

Some characters will switch teams — think the Avengers and X-Men … and even sides.

And much like in their movies, the number of mentions as to how to get these new comics in all of the articles…. that’d be 0.


  • nice article :) I heard that they will be rewriting spider island with a twist after the spider-verse and secret wars issues, which I am interested in but I loved spider island and Im not sure I want to re-read a similar idea all over again?!

    • Yeah, Spider-Verse is definitely a storyline in Secret Wars, first issue is already out. Spider-Island is out in July.

  • This is so confusing….but so exciting!!!

    • What do you think is confusing about it?

      • Sorry, I should have clarified…For a guy who has just gotten back into comics last month after a 25 year hiatus, I’m confused (new Spidey, idle Steve Rogers, no X-Men….). Yet, I am extremely excited since it looks like, come this fall, it will be a perfect time for me to jump back into the Marvel Universe.

        • Ah! That makes sense, and I can totally see that. We are here to answer questions!

          • Thanks!! I really appreciate that and pretty sure I will take you up on that offer. This article was a big help. I’m still trying to figure out how to get started back into this world after such a long hiatus. The guys (and girl) at my local comic book store are amazing. They’ve been telling me that DC and Marvel are about to have a reboot/refresh/restart, whatever they want to call it. They turned me onto BOOM! and Image for the time being, which have been mind blowing for a guy who only remembers mutants, superheroes and a few semi-demons looking to do good. I am reading Avengers Vs X-Men though, trying to get familiar with some of the characters which are new to me. I also plan on picking up this month’s Batman, since it looks like a good jumping on point. Other than that, I am open to any and all suggestions from any and all comic book fans. For example, what comics should I pick up so I can understand why Cyclops seems to be such a jerk in A Vs. XM? :)

            Thanks Again!

            • Yes, there’s so much out there now to read.

              Cyclops is a long story, but the best way to sum it up is all the mutants were wiped out with no new ones being born, they become endangered. They keep getting attacked and those remaining killed, lots of death. He eventually gets all mutants to move to a place called Utopia for protection. Eventually a new mutant is born, and she has the ability to kickstart the mutant race among other things. There’s a race to get her. Cable takes her into time to train her and protect her. Cyclops decides that he needs to train the younger mutants to fight, as opposed to defending themselves and it being a school. He and Wolverine have a falling out during Schism and there’s two schools. Cyclops is a bit more proactive/militant, Wolverine’s is more like Professor X. Basically, he was just beat down so much over years of storytelling he eventually starts to see things more like Magneto did in the early years.