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Comic Fans Flip Out Over Ads in a Comic… Which are Pretty Much a 22 Page Ad

DC Twix ad 1As reported on a few sites, DC Comics will be changing up their ads a bit on their June comics. Instead of full page ads on their own page, the publisher will have half page ads on the same pages as art. As could be predicted the internet exploded with rage and overreaction, without being presented with all of the facts.

Here’s actual quotes from comment sections, I’m not even going to look on Twitter:

I’m out. I was down to two DC comics, and I’m dropping them.

Guess my days of reading DC are over. I myself have just started a comic book publisher called Ecliptic Comics Publishers. I would never be so money hungry to place adds on the same pages I have story. DC has really stooped to an all time low. Kind of glad, makes it easier for companies like mine to work our way up when DC is ticking off their customers.

Another reason I gave up on DC.

Except here are the actual facts, that weren’t gathered before most of the click-bait was written,

  1. As confirmed by DC talent, this is a one month thing and as one said “My team found it easy to work out on both books.”
  2. Its been done before, not just in magazines, but in comics!

DC Twix ad 2This is actually smart for DC Comics. June begins their Divergence kick-off, their next big launch and direction. As such, it’s likely the print run for all of their series will run on the high side of things. More comics out there, more money they make in advertising. This is a strike while the iron’s hot moment, as the second, third, and fourth issues will not have the same circulation as first issues.

This has been done before, and is done now in magazines, so this isn’t anything new. The difference now is click-bait sites who post sensationalist stories without getting all the facts, as well as the internet for people to vent their “rage.” And the comics haven’t come out yet. Who knows how it’ll actually read.

To quit reading DC Comics over this is both childish, and idiotic. Personally, I find the ads made out to look like a comic are far more irritating.

The bigger irony is comics are advertisement as a whole. You’re being advertised characters after which you go see their movie, buy clothes with them on it, get their toys, collectibles, watch the television show. To object to an ad is to object to a lot of what you’re reading and watching. Remember, the original Transformers and G.I. Joe cartoons were really just 24 minute ads.

Now, questions are out there. Is the page count as far as story the same? How will this play out in digital?

In today’s comics, this sort of layout is more “experimental,” and businesses need to do what they can to raise revenue and remain profitable, and maximizing advertising is part of that equation. Without advertising, cover price will be forced to rise again.

So, as a reader, which would you rather have, an ad that might be intrusive, or paying even more for your comics?


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One comment

  • I personally cannot stand advertising, though I know it is a necessary thing. I’m glad that this is essentially a 1 month experiment. I don’t like the idea of the story being broken up on a page by advertisements. I’m pretty new to comics, and I’m always amazed at how expensive the books are, and just how much advertising is already there. In the end, I don’t see how they can maintain the individual issue printing much longer. It seems they’re going to have to go to Digital for issues and stick with the TPB’s for print. Or do the individual issues, but actually do a limited print, so they can have a higher value, which would entice more people to collect. I’m probably completely wrong, but I just don’t like the way the big 2 publishers are doing it right now, though I love their characters.