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We Talk Harley’s Movie Look With Some Cosplay Experts

Recent pictures have surfaced showing Harley Quinn as she will appear in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.  While others in the movie have created their share of controversy, whether it be the Joker’s new look or the casting choices for other characters, many feel as though it is Harley that everyone needs to get right.  We got a chance to talk to two cosplayers who have gained some recognition for their takes on Harley – Jemocha Cosplay and AwkwardGravityX.

Graphic Policy:  Are you comic fans?

Jemocha Cosplay:  I am a fan of comics! I haven’t read a ton of them but I would definitely prefer a comic over a tv show if given the option.

harley001AwkwardGravityX:  I am a fan of comics. I don’t really get to read nearly as much as I’d like and haven’t really read much of the new 52 or the Suicide Squad.

GP:  What is it about the character that is appealing to so many, even those that don’t read comics?

AGX:  I first fell in love with Harley when watching the animated series which is where she was originally created. Those who know Harley know that she was not originally one of the comic book characters. But I think what is most appealing about her is how absolutely out of her mind she is but she also has very innocent and lovable qualities about her. She can be a bad ass and adorable all at the same time.

JC:  I think Harley is appealing because of her crazy side and her super cool back story and personality, a lot like how people like Jinx from League of Legends or crazy characters and she is bad-ass and sexy, all good things!

harley002GP:  Does the fact that Harley Quinn is in Suicide Squad make the movie more appealing?

JC:  Yes! I only want to see it because Harley is my favorite of the group. I hope they do a good job with her!

AGX:  Yes, Harley is probably my favorite DC character and she hasn’t been featured in a live action film in way too long.

GP:  There are a few leaked pictures floating around the internet dealing with the new Harley from the movie.  What do you think that they got right?

AGX:  From the pictures I’ve seen about the only thing I think they’ve got right is the blonde hair and pig tails.

JC:  The design of the new Harley definitely has attitude to it, and it has been growing on me more as I’ve seen more fan art of it. It’s interesting that the Squad looks more like a gang on the streets than costumed super heros.

GP:  And what did they get wrong?

JC:  Harley looks like a badass girl in the new design, but she doesn’t look like Harley!  I would have loved if they went with the original Suicide Squad design, they did not use the black and red that everyone knows, and honestly it looks more like someone trying to cosplay Harley Quinn in their own way than what I would imagine Harley Quinn to actually look like in a movie!


Don’t expect a comic book crossover of the two.

AGX:  There’s a lot wrong I think. I feel as though they focused way too hard on sexualizing Harley and not enough on capturing her for who she is. Although her outfits do become much more revealing through the years, this costume for her is almost too much. She kind of just looks like a runaway teenager who dipped her hair in Kool-Aid and forgot to grab her pants on the way out. She doesn’t look nearly deranged enough either. I think a lot more could’ve gone into it.

GP:  What is the one thing which they really need to get right?

AGX:  What they really need to get right is Harley’s persona. Everything that is wrong with the outfit won’t matter as much if the character is played right. I feel like Harley’s character is very complex. Her essence is so dynamic which I think is what makes her most appealing. If they can get that right then that’s what matters most. So only time will tell. Judging by the looks of it though, I feel like I’m going to be disappointed.

JC:  They need to make sure she looks like a crazy villian but I am hoping they will do this with her acting in the movie! fingers crossed.

Thanks to our two contributors for taking part.  For more on their cosplay check out their AwkwardGravityX’s youtube page or JemochaCosplay’s facebook page.

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