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Gen Con Event Registration Opens this Sunday

Gen Con Event RegistrationSince the Gen Con Event Catalog went live last Monday, attendees have created thousands of Wish Lists for the opening of Event Registration, taking place this Sunday, May 17 at noon (Eastern). If you have yet to do so, you can create and modify your Wish List at

Important Note: You must have a Gen Con 2015 badge in your account BEFORE you can build your Wish List and get tickets for events. Attendees cannot purchase badges and tickets in the same transaction.

On Sunday, when Event Registration begins at noon (Eastern), you can submit your Wish List at Submitted Wish Lists will process in the order that they are received. You should arrange the events in your Wish List, putting your most desired events at the top. Remember, you can have up to 50 events in your Wish List.

After your Wish List is processed, your tickets will appear in your cart and you will need to complete your transaction within two hours to reserve them. It may take up to an hour to receive your email confirmation receipt, given the anticipated volume of Wish Lists. Tickets will be bundled with your badge in your packet, which will be shipped to you or available at Will Call, based on your chosen fulfillment method.

Generic tickets will go on-sale after all Wish Lists are processed on Sunday, May 17.

The Event Catalog currently features more than 12,000 events. Late-submitted events will be activated throughout the summer, when possible. Some events will have their placements finalized by June. It is important to note that event information is subject to change, so make sure to check to review your information prior to the convention.

This year, there are three different options for you to review events:

  1. Find Events via traditional web search (Updated in real time)
  2. The downloadable Event Catalog (Updated every six hours)
  3. The all-new Beta Event Finder. (Updated in real time) This new tool is intended to be faster and more efficient than the traditional search tool, and is currently available for you to try out.
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