Review: Silk #4

silk004There is an unfortunate bellwether of comic series facing hard times, especially those that are right out of the gates.  As opposed to running stories featuring their own heroes, there are numerous crossovers featuring other heroes or others teams.  Spider-Man has been an obvious constant with this series since its inception, but the Fantastic Four have not.  While their appearance here makes sense, one might also hope that it is not a sign of things to come for this intriguing heroine, especially as she has the potential to be just as popular as Batgirl or Ms. Marvel in the new landscape for comics.

The appearance of the Fantastic Four in this story is introduced so that Silk can learn the boundaries of her powers, with the help of one of the greatest scientific minds of the Marvel universe.  While she is busy with Mr. Fantastic, Peter Park and Johnny Storm take a moment to reconnect and talk primarily about the new heroine.  His attraction to her leads the two of them to an awkward-ish date.  There are a few moments that don’t make sense here, such as when she attacks Peter, or going dancing at a club before a date, but for each moment which misses a bit there are others which are nearly perfect.  In particular the end to their date is perhaps one of the most clever uses of the non-speaking panels in recent years.

While this issue fits with the overall approach of the series thus far, it also acts as a bit of an interlude for the series.  Instead of focusing on some action sequences, this issue is practically devoid of them (aside from one near the beginning which is kind of funny.)  Instead as before this issue succeeds by building itself in the strength of its characters, and succeeds once again.  The appearance of the F4 is a bit of a distraction but the series succeeds in finding its heart where it has been all along.  Cindy Moon is built and written as a person first and as a hero second, which is incidentally what made Spider-Man so popular so many years ago.  The formula is perfect but the question remains whether it will catch on with this title.

Story: Robbie Thompson  Art: Annapaola Martello
Story:  8.7 Art: 8.7  Overall: 8.7  Recommendation: Buy

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