TV Review: The Flash S1E22 Rogue Air

theflash_full_costumeAs Wells once again gets the upper hand on the S.T.A.R. Labs team, Barry realizes he needs to make a big move and reaches out to an old foe, Captain Cold, for help. Joe and Caitlin warn Barry that Cold can’t be trusted. True to form, Cold has his own agenda that involves the meta-humans trapped in the containment cells. As things seem to be going from bad to worse, The Flash gets reinforcements – Arrow and Firestorm.

The first season is beginning to wrap up as Wells’ plan is coming to light, and that plan forces team Flash to make a mistake that opens up a hell of a potential second season.

It also leads up to a battle between Barry and Wells, with a little help from the Green Arrow and Firestorm. It’s an awesome battle with great use of speed in fighting, though the Arrow and Firestorms’ roles were a bit weak.

For me, the best part of the episode is really the whole section featuring Captain Cold and Golden Glider. Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold is so much fun, and I look forward until the whole Rogues get together for what should be an entertaining time.

The episode really kicked things up, leading into the season finale next week. Lots to look forward to in what is a beyond solid first season.

Overall rating: 8