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Review: Injection #1

InjectionOnce upon a time, there were five crazy people, and they poisoned the 21st Century. Now they have to deal with the corrosion to try and save us all from a world becoming too weird to support human life. Injection is the new ongoing series created by the acclaimed creative team of Moon Knight. It is science fiction, tales of horror, strange crime fiction, techno-thriller, and ghost story all at the same time. A serialized sequence of graphic novels about how loud and strange the world is getting, about the wild future and the haunted past all crashing into the present day at once, and about five eccentric geniuses dealing with the paranormal and numinous as well as the growing weight of what they did to the planet with the Injection.

To me, there’s two Warren Ellis. One is a fantastic writer whose writing is clear, engaging, and plays the long game. The other shoots for the moon, and at times comes up with a jumbled mess. This new series falls into the latter category in a first issue that jumps around too much and focuses on very little. The first issue introduces a lot of ideas, plot, and exposition, but on its own, it doesn’t make much sense. It’s beyond confusing at times, leading to rereads that still left me flummoxed. Even with that, the story looks like it can be an engaging psychological thriller.

Declan Shalvey‘s art is the draw (no pun intended) for me here. The art is fantastic, but Shalvey is known for delivering when it comes to art and with their work together on Moon Knight, Ellis and Shalvey is a great combo. The art is moody, and filled with tension.

Overall, I can only judge on one issue, and it left me confused to a point I don’t want to continue. What it comes off as is a series that might be read better as a trade, than individual issues. Time will tell, but this might be just for die-hard Ellis fans.

Story: Warren Ellis Art: Declan Shalvey
Story: 5.5 Art: 7.75 Overall: 5.5 Recommendation: Pass

Image Comics has provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review