Avaaz Uses Comics in a campaign targeting the Security and Exchange Commission

The international advocacy organization Avaaz have been using comic imagery in their campaign concerning corporate money and influencing policy and elections. The target of the campaign is the Security and Exchange Commission and its chair Mary Jo White who Avaaz feels aren’t performing their duty protecting investors.

She could be our superhero — but we’re still waiting for her to act.

In an email sent to their supporters:

Last month almost 40,000 of us signed a petition pushing back against the flood of dark money in US politics. Now Avaaz has teamed up with some of the country’s biggest good government groups to launch a major DC media blitz against the anonymous ‘dark money’ donations polluting our democracy!

We’ve blanketed Washington, DC’s Union Station with colorful comic book style ads targeting Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Chairwoman Mary Jo White, the superhero we need to save us from the menace of Dark Money Monsters. The ads (see below!) are getting a ton of buzz in town and the media is starting to pick them up too.

But we’re just getting started. To keep up the pressure, let’s take this creative ad campaign online and flood the SEC with comments showing them it’s time to unmask the dark money menace. It’s time for Mary Jo White to take action!

Tweet and Facebook the images and video below, targeting @SEC_News and using the hashtags #WhereIsMJW and #DarkMoney — let’s take these Dark Money Monsters off the walls of the DC metro and flood the SEC’s social media:

In the email they ask individuals to share the comic panels and video below. It’s very cool use of educating individuals about an issue using comic panels and imagery.