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TV Review: Arrow S3E11 Midnight City

arrowOn this episode of Arrow Roy and Diggle try to stop Laurel for following her sister’s footsteps before she gets killed. However a new enemy, Brick, captures the city’s alderman and will kill him if the police wont evacuate The Glades. Meanwhile ray tries to help Detective Lance. Malcolm tells Thea that their family is being hunted and tracked down by Ra’s al Ghul and must leave town immediately.

Out of all of the episodes this season, this one actually kept my interest the least. The storylines were either goofy, or predictable. Laurel is now running around as the Canary, and doing a decent job, but seeing as what happened to her sister Team Arrow don’t really want her to do so. Then, how does she deal with her father, since her father knows her sister was the Canary? Well, they deal with that in a bit of a goofy way, since Laurel and her sister aren’t exactly the same build or have the same mannerisms.

Then there’s Brick, and his kidnapping of the city’s alderman. His demands are just a bit…. weird. I’m kind of missing his motivation for all of this. And the fact the city is willing to cave to his demands is just downright bizarre.

It’s also pretty obvious that Oliver would be back, the question was when and how. The how is a bit…. weak. And overall, this seems to be an excuse to focus on characters other than him, which is good in a way.

The overall various plotlines could be good, but where they weaved in this episode really just derailed what has been otherwise a solid season.

While I liked the idea of focusing on the rest of Team Arrow, with his absence, now I just want Oliver back.

Overall rating: 7