January Loot Crate “REWIND”: Unboxing, With Detail

January’s Loot Crate theme was REWIND: “A Look Back At Geek & Gaming Past”. As the prior announced themes of Star Wars and Voltron indicated, we’re going on a trip down memory lane for people my age. So, let’s get started.

Spoilers start HERE, so if you don’t want to know what’s in this Loot Crate yet, I’d STOP now!

Mailing Box

Here’s a nice shot of the exterior of the shipping box. Inside it, many surprises await…

Opening the box

Careful incision on the tape. Oh, look at that neatly packed, full box.

First thing’s first. The nicely folded T-shirt on top is a Loot Crate exclusive Voltron Blueprint print, courtesy of Flophouse. The Japanese accents add a perfect flair to complete the style. Retro doesn’t even begin to explain how awesome it is.

Voltron Blueprint Shirt

Let’s go, Voltron Force!

Next, we have some 8-Bit Sunglasses, by Loot Crate Labs. These are not unlike a pair that came with a prior Loot Crate, but the orange frame gives me a very Michelangelo feeling when I look at them. ThinkGeek sells a very similar solid black pair of these on their website. Yes, I have a pair. Yes, they’re neat looking, goofy, and fun. No, these are not incredibly comfortable after 10 minutes, due to the nose part being squared off. Oh, well, I guess style comes with a price. On the upside, UV 400 Protection is clearly stated on the sticker, so there’s that.

8 Bit Sunglasses

8-Bit Sunglasses with an Orange style frame.

Loot Crate Logo on side

Side View of 8-Bit Sunglasses, complete with Loot Crate logo.

The next item is by far one of my favorite items in this Loot Crate. This stylish tie, by Black Tie Geek, has a very Space Invader inspired design. Made of 100% polyester, this tie is unique and absolutely wearable in a lot of occasions, due to its black and white design. I know several places and event I’m going to, personally, utilize this. It comes in a small cube box with the company’s logo on it.

Black Tie Geek

Snazzy and Stylish!

Okay, so this is kinda cute. Squid Kids Ink presents Loot Crate Exclusive “10-Doh! Figures”, which are adorable little anthropomorphic Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges. Six options could show up between subscribers, including “games” inspired by The Fifth Element, Firefly, Doctor Who, Mars Attacks, and two Back To The Future options. Each little guy comes with an old school NES Zapper accessory.


My Crate came with a Mars Attacks themed figure. ACK ACK ACK!

The next item is really neat. The Comic Note Book, by Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild, is a nifty little creativity tool. The notebook comes with 64 Pages of comic book style panels and a removable stencil for speech and thought bubbles, as well as a small guide for making proper panels in back.

Comic Note Book

Make your own comic!

Comic Note Book - Interior

Interior of the Comic Note Book

As per always, the Loot Crate comes with a small monthly guide/magazine and button to celebrate the month and current Rewind theme. The magazine, “REWIND NO. 18” includes a couple articles about Nintendo and Voltron that are worth the quick read, as well as customer submitted photos and a visual list of the items offered into their Mega Crate (Subscribers get entered to win a high end Crate with expensive items in it.). The last few pages involve giving a little more detail about the items in the current Loot Crate.

Loot Crate Magazine

January REWIND NO.18 Magazine

January Button

Always a nice souvenir in each Crate.

Finally, the major Exclusive item of the month was a Loot Crate Variant of Marvel’s Star Wars #001. It comes with its own sealed poly bag and board to keep it in pristine order. Han and Chewbacca adorn the front cover of this beautiful art piece. Since I already have a handful of the variants and the digital edition, I’ve already read this particular issue. And may I say, it’s well written, beautifully crafted and drawn, and will make any fan of Star Wars happy and content that Marvel got Star Wars back after so long away.

Star Wars #001 Variant

Out of all of the variants of this issue, this one’s my favorite.

Now, for a look at a secret to the shipping box. Flip it inside out and it suddenly becomes The Loot Crate Entertainment System. Almost identical to an original NES, despite coloring, even the “ports” are accurate. Decals on the system make references to old NES games and classic geek jokes. Personally, I’m a fan of the “I Got Slimed” decal, myself. The back of the mini magazine has a pop out, cardboard NES controller to go with the system (not pictured due to need of tape/glue to make it stay together.

NES Inspired Box

Now we’re playing with power!

Complete Set

The Whole Shebang

Rare shot of me in the wild

An action shot of me, donning some of my new gear. This shirt is very slimming, and the glasses are totally geeky and cool, even if they start to hurt my nose after a few minutes.

So, this is the part where I mention an upcoming giveaway of some of the featured items in this article, since I got TWO of these bad boys this month.

Keep An Eye Out On Graphic Policy and Right On Chime for details!

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