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TV Review: The Flash S1E10 Revenge of the Rogues

theflash_full_costumeAs Barry is struggling to train his speed in order to beat Reverse Flash, his old friend, Captain Cold, returns to Central City with the help of a new villain, Heat Wave.

The Flash ended its fall season with one hell of a reveal and setting up one hell of a rest of the season. Back, after a break that seemed too long, the series puts one of the Flash’s defining features front and center, his rogues. That is something the series really understands, some of the most interesting things about the Flash is his bad-guys, and in particular the Rogues themselves. We’ve got the beginning of that team here with Captain Cold and Heat Wave making their splash in Central City and a showdown with the Flash which officially introduces the scarlet speedster to the town.

All of that is really solid, especially the interaction between Captain Cold and Heat Wave. The Rogues have always had issues when it comes to leadership, and we see some of those seeds planted here. It makes me look forward to seeing the full line-up together which would be nerd delight.

What’s also nice is the Reverse Flash being in the picture, Barry has a long term adversary to prepare against. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also some more info about Firestorm in the episode, another fantastic addition to the DC television universe.

The only negative thing is the shields that are made for the police to fight Captain Cold. There’s a slit, and their legs are in the open…. really?

The ending between Barry and Joe West is fantastic, showing the charm of the characters and the actors. And of course, that ending!

Overall, the episode is the usual fun and entertaining, but we all know what we’re looking forward to, more Reverse Flash… and Gorilla Grodd!

Overall rating: 7.75

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