Marvel Reveals the Scoop on Secret Wars and What it Means for the Marvel Universe. Goodbye 616 & Ultimate U.

SW Map.jpgIn a live stream today, SVP, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso dropped a bomb as to what we can expect for Secret Wars. In a live steam they gave the scoop as to what we can expect after this big event. In the event, various Marvel universe’s collide together until one single Marvel universe exists.

In the lead up storyline running through New Avengers and Avengers, dubbed “Times Run Out,” various Earth’s have been encroaching on each other called incursions. A secret cabal of heroes have been dealing with this at times crossing the line between hero and villain, but a point reaches where this is no longer works. All of the Marvel multiverse will come together in what’s called “Battleworld” where the surviving pieces of the Marvel universe will battle it out and set up what the new Marvel universe will be, welcome to their next event Secret Wars. “Battleworld” will be the incubator of the Marvel universe. Yes, the Marvel 616, the Ultimate Marvel universe, they’re gone.

This event really helps resolve the current issue of Marvel continuity, time-issues, time-jumps, lots of inconsistencies and tons to keep track of. It also explains why Marvel has been much more willing to shake things up, because things are getting mixed up again!

There’ll be a lot of new series launched during the event, and there’ll be a lot of new series launched after the event. The video also hinted there’d be lots of tie-ins outside of just the comics including Hasbro, Upper Deck, Gentle Giant, the Marvel games team and more.

You can watch the full chat below and Marvel has put together an interactive map for folks to get prepped for what’s coming.

The Marvel 616 and Ultimate Universe as we know it are done!

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