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Scott Snyder Tweets Severed Vol. 2, Damian, the Joker and More!

2386605-scottsnyder_564_0Scott Snyder had some time to kill last night while waiting for his wash to finish, so decided to take to Twitter for an impromptu Q&A session. We were able to get a question in, will we ever see the return of his Image Comics series Severed?

Severed was his 2011-12 gothic horror mini-series that he did with Scott Tuft and Attila Futaki. It’s an underrated and overlooked early indie series he did, and well worth seeking out.

Find out the answer to that question and much more, below!

Will we see more Severed?

Are there plans for “Super-Damian” in any of his books?

Any more plans for the Joker?

What’s Snyder’s favorite Batman stories?

Are there more creator owned ideas in the works?

What other DC heroes would he like to write?

What villains would he like to writer in a Batman storyline?

Will Harper Row make an appearance in Endgame?

Are there any Two Face stories coming up?

Thanks Scott for the Q&A!