Review: Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Cinderella #3

cinderella coverIf one of the main criticisms of the Grimm Fairy Tales imprint is the way in which the main characters in the main series are handled, then this issue should perhaps go down as the first piece of evidence.  The character of Cinderella started out in Grimm Fairy Tales as a fairly interesting character.  She had been a bit of a reject and dreamed of being recognized and beautiful.  In so doing there was a morality tale to say that this is not everything that people should be worried about.  Now down this long road into her own series, she never was the awkward girl, was always beautiful and powerful and has always used this as the fuel for her plans and desires.

In this miniseries she was given the task of killing Hades by the Dark Queen to kill Hades, and after failing initially (in the previous issue) she sets a bizarrely bad setting for an ambush, by hijacking a ball which the Dark Queen had planned.  This is both out of character for the Dark Queen and too much of a stretch of character for Cindy.  The action sequences might be well paced and well choreographed, but the absurdity of the scenario makes them seem just as fluffy as the setting.  This entire absurdity continues on throughout, leaving little of note behind and ending with a conclusion that was maybe apparent, but also bizarre and somewhat pointless.

This is the first Grimm Fairy Tales series dedicated to the character and it should have had a lot of potential for at least telling a fun if not not necessarily compelling story.  Instead it puts Cinderella into a convoluted plot, paying homage to her past, while still trying to make her a modern versions of the 1990s bad girls that were all over comics.  The creative minds at Zenescope are capable of some interesting and thought compelling series, but this miniseries proves that the central core of the Grimm Fairy Tales universe is in a bit of a mess, with far too many legends, fair tales, and mythology mixed together.  This series suffered because of it.

Story: Pat Shand and Joe Brusha Art: Ryan Best
Story: 2.5 Art: 7.0 Overall: 2.5 Recommendation: Pass