Gen Con Shakes Up Their Hotel Registration

gen con featuredLast year saw a massive meltdown for housing when it came to Gen Con, with rooms selling out in record time due to record demand. The convention has announced a new process that will hopefully relieve the issues, and create a smooth sign-up process for this year’s convention.

Here’s the new process, which includes a queue and the need for a badge to get a hotel room.

Managed Access to Housing Portal
In response to customer requests, Gen Con’s Housing Registration will change from a first-come, first-serve system to a new system that is intended to make the process smoother and more efficient. Customers will access the Housing Portal through the Gen Con website exclusively, and housing reservations will require a valid Gen Con 2015 badge. The new housing registration process will no longer use housing access codes.

When Housing Registration opens at noon (Eastern) on Sunday January 25, all customers who have purchased eligible badges will be randomly entered into a queue and then given access to the Housing Portal, one at a time. This will distribute the high demand on the Housing Portal over approximately one-to-two hours, instead of a minute or two as in previous years.

While the new process may take customers slightly longer, a personal countdown timer will tell your exact entry time to the Housing Portal on your “My Housing” page. Access to the portal does not guarantee a downtown hotel room, but is intended to more smoothly distribute rooms throughout the entire housing block to interested parties.


To create a housing reservation, customers will need an eligible Gen Con 2015 badge. All badges (Child wristbands are not eligible) purchasable through the “Get your Badge” links are eligible for housing registration, as well as Press badges. Customers are allowed one housing reservation per every two badges they have purchased. Customers can make multiple reservations, if they have more than two badges in their account.

Nightly Minimum Stays (NMS)

Nightly Minimum Stays refer to the minimum number of consecutive nights needed to book a reservation through the Housing Portal. Customers of course may stay longer, but NMS increase the likelihood of properties not fracturing room nights,which should result in more uninterrupted stays in housing properties. Reservations for suburban properties will not require a NMS.
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