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TV Review: Agent Carter S1E3 Time and Tide

Agent_CarterOn this episode of Marvel‘s Agent Carter, as Agent Carter closes in on Howard Stark’s stolen technology, Peggy’s secret mission could unravel when the SSR arrests Jarvis and a secret is revealed.

The third episode is an interesting one, that really emphasizes something that didn’t hit me until this episode. The pacing of the show is a snail’s pace and makes Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. look like a ADD kid. And that pacing is key, as it helps set the fact this is a period piece taking place in the 40s. That is, if the clothes, cars, and other visuals don’t tip you off to that.

What’s also solid about the episode is that it helps flesh out Jarvis’ history a little bit more, as it’s his secret that’s hinted at above. It’s a small detail that helps add a lot of depth to him, and does so in a simple way. It also helps forge the relationship between him and Peggy.

But really, the thing that sticks out the most to me is the fact the show is about a woman making it in a “man’s world.” The series continues the misogyny that Peggy faces at work, and the fact that because she’s a woman she’s not as good as her male counterparts, no matter how untrue it is. The show might be a period piece set in a comic book world, but it’s also a feminist call to arms. The fact it’s able to highlight gender issues in an entertaining package is a triumph.

The show builds, ad is a solid continuation of the first two, but where this all goes…. I have no idea really. Hopefully it sticks the landing, and we’ll see relatively soon.

Overall Score: 7.75

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