This Is Heavy! Nike Finally Releasing Back To The Future Shoes In 2015!

Great Scott! Fans of the Back To The Future franchise can rejoice and know 2015 couldn’t be complete without self-tying Nike shoes!

Back in 2011, Nike made a limited run of their replica Nike Air MAG line, straight out of BttF2. Now, Tinker Hatfield, VP of Design and Special Projects at Nike (and the designer of the original movie props, themselves), gave the official thumbs up for this year.

Late last year, Hendo Hover finished up a very successful KickStarter to bring us a Hover Board concept. Granted, we’re far off from a Hover Board that can glide over water, it seems everyone is ready to make Back To the Future 2 our true future.

We still have until October to make it all happen. How many Jaws sequels do we need to get to Jaws 19?