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Marvel Gets Dark Horse’s Star Wars Back Catalog

A question that has been out there since the Star Wars license returned to Marvel was what would happen to the back catalog produced by Dark Horse for the past 20 years? We asked that exact question in January.

While it has been previously announced that Marvel’s previously produced Star Wars comics would be reprint, it was still up in the air what would happen to Dark Horse’s content. Today we have some sort of answer as Star Wars comics have come to comiXology under the Marvel banner.

Recent releases, as well as classics such as Dark Empire can now be purchased on comiXology, a first since Dark Horse is not available on the digital comic app. Now…. will these see print?


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  • I’ve been incredibly curious about this for some time, and my one sources at Marvel (who handled the rights for Marvel-created Star Trek characters/ideas/plots/ships/etc.) said he wasn’t allowed to discuss the what’s going on with the Dark Horse-created properties. There is at least some answer already available in what we know of the future of Marvel’s Epic Collection line (which, like Dark Horse’s omnibus collections, I quite like): Everything that will be reprinted in the “Star Wars Legends Epic Collection” line is going to be Dark Horse. The majority of the comics The Empire: Vol 1 have not been collected before, and certainly not together in this chronological order. By the end of the year Marvel will have utterly exhausted its ability to capitalize on its 1970s-early 1980s SW comics, since they intend to sum it up in 3-4 omnibuses. Of course, everyone should just buy the Dark Horse versions: all 5 for the price of a single omnibus from Marvel. What’s truly egregious to me is that all Marvel has to do is slap a sticker with their name on the cover, erase Dark Horse’s, and make a crap ton of money on the work a whole different company did. Certainly Marvel has the capital to fill in the gaps Dark Horse has left in its own reprint catalog, especially with excitement building for the new movie. We’ll see what happens; in the mean time, it looks like we will be treated to a number of series starting next week, and at least one of them (Darth Vader) is, if I recall, going to be twice-monthly. And Jason Aaron on the main title will be a treat. Doesn’t mean I’m happy with SW at Marvel, but you can’t really fight mega-corporations.

    • I also found these: and . So Marvel really is hardcore capitalizing on the back catalog. On a side note, perusing Amazon like a hound often gets earlier information about collections printed by DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse than are available through solicits.

      • I see two Legends slated according to Amazon. One being the Old Republic and the other the New Republic. Maybe they’re releasing the comics in timeline order?

        • Oh, I guess I can’t post links in comments. The links I posted were actually to the original Star Wars serialization/adaptations of Ep. IV and Ep. V, issues 1-6 and 33-39 (not sure about the latter), respectively. They are nice, hardcover reprints of exactly what’s in both the first Marvel Star Wars omnibus and what Dark Horse has in its first and second “A Long Time Ago…” omnibuses. So far there are three Legends solicited, which are really just Star Wars versions of the Epic Collection line. The lines for SW Legends are Empire, Old Republic, New Republic. All first volumes are solicited, so I imagine they’ll trade off releasing them in that order (i.e. Empire 1, OR 1, NR 1, Empire 2, OR 2, NR 2, etc.) until they’ve covered the whole catalog…given that these are coming out every month, it would take only a few years. And that’s not totally out of line with what Marvel is trying to achieve with the whole Epic Collection line anyway: all of the comics for their longest-running/highest-grossing series finally collected in TPB, released in chronologically random order. But the books themselves are nice and its certainly a better reprint publishing slate than DCs (still, you can see DC scrambling to put more and more never-collected stuff out now).

        • But, yes, partially in timeline order, starting at three separate points in SW history and progressing forward until, say, Old Republic meets up with Empire, Empire with New Republic, and New Republic runs out of stuff…