Review: Silvertongue 30xx: Space-Time District Attorney

cover_17.jpgSilvertongue 30xx: Space-Time District Attorney is tall, dark, and dashing. The Argentine Attorney will stand for the poor, the weary, and the sick. Mighty trains that once brought robbers, murderers and crime to each town instead hauls cold hard justice!

Large court room train cars power through the mighty west, and on them, silver-tongued Hernandez and his team fight for the underdogs.

One of the opening scenes has a  girl announcing the next big trial as though it were a Friday night fight, but instead of gloves and fists they fight with law and looks. A promising opening.

The first volume see’s the Chippewa Tribe versus a cigar smoking business mogul. It is unclear whether Silvertongue Hernandez is not a typical hero, he is coffee chugging and such a strongly built character that he stays in the reader’s mind, ticks and all.

The only down fall was the portrayal of the Natives, which was cliched and, at points, a little offensive.

That aside, the story and concept did not disappoint. Little Nando, the writer, and artist Chris Mullens make an excellent team. The story is exciting, but I will admit that I had to read it over slowly, so as not miss anything. The art is Cowboy Bebop meets Scott Pilgrim. Chris Mullens has an eye for paneling that makes the things play so smoothly that it almost feels like a movie.

Overall its a great read and I cant wait to find out what secrets Silvertongue Hernandez is harboring in the next installation!

Story: Little Nando Art Chris Mullens 
Story:  8.5  Art: 10 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Read

Little Nando provided a copy to Graphic Policy FREE for review, and it is free to read on InkBlazers