Demo-Graphics: Comic Demographic Data Over the Years 2013-2014

With it being the first of the year, I thought I’d look at how the Facebook data we crunch has evolved over the past two years.

As a reminder, these stats are crunched by looking at terms that indicate likes and interest on Facebook. Terms used include words like “comics,” “graphic novels,” “manga,” and publishers like Marvel and DC. No comic series, creators or characters are used to figure this out.

As reported earlier today, people who “like” comics on Facebook has reached a record-setting 32 million.

In January, the population we looked at was just shy of 2 million individuals, but through expansion of terms used as well as how Facebook returns the data in late 2013, that population grew to 22 million. Over the past year, the population stayed at a steady 24-28 million, and now has ballooned due to Marvel consolidating some of their various pages into one. Milestones and changes are marked below.

population 2013-2014Here’s the same data presented as a graph bar instead from month to month.

population bar graphc 2013-2014But how does the above work as percentages? Check out below for to see that data presented and check out that trend line. Our data has been showing for quite some time what the industry just came to accept as reality in 2014. Women are fans of comics, and they are legion!

population trend line 2013-2014Above looks at how the population stacked up, as well as the gender breakdown, but how about age? Here’s the same time period as far as age over the last two year.

age 2013-2014Here’s another look at the same data.

age bar graph 2013-2014And here’s that same data done as percentages.

age percentages 2013-2014And another look at the same data.

age percentages bar graph 2013-2014And that wraps up our look back at how the comic “fan” population has changed over the past two years. You can catch this type of report every Monday right here on Graphic Policy!