Writer G. Willow Wilson Goes Exclusive With Marvel

Ms_Marvel_1_CoverMarvel has announced that Ms. Marvel and X-Men writer G. Willow Wilson has signed an exclusive agreement with the publisher.

After finding critical acclaim with her previous works Cairo and the Eisner Award nominated series Air, Wilson dove into the Marvel Universe, and the international spotlight, with the debut of Marvel’s first solo series featuring a teenaged Pakistani-American Muslim, Ms. Marvel. The series is groundbreaking and one of our favorites here.

She has followed up that ground breaking run on Ms. Marvel by taking over Marvel’s all-female X-Men team in X-Men.

In a release she said:

Writing the X-Men has been a unique challenge–it’s the team book that got me into comics as a kid, and they have so much history. I wanted to get them out of their element–quite literally–and tell a story that was unexpected and fresh. How do you challenge some of the most powerful mutants on the planet? Put them up against the planet itself. That was the genesis of my upcoming arc on X-Men, ‘The Burning World.’

Congrats to both!

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