Humble Bundle’s Community Donates $50 Million for Charity

Humble Bundle, the pay-what-you-want digital distributor, has announced that its community has contributed more than $50 million for charitable causes to date. Since 2010, Humble Bundle has curated digital video game bundles and has put the power in the hands of the consumer, letting customers name their price and choose how their purchase dollars are allocated — between Humble Bundle, the game developers and charity.

The Humble Bundle community has helped provide funding for more than 50 charitable organizations, including Child’s Play Charity, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Red Cross, charity: water and Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières. These contributions have helped people with disabilities enjoy games, provided emergency medical aid, funded health care, brought books to schools in Africa, brought clean water to developing countries and much more.

Humble Bundle has since expanded its offerings by including mobile games, audiobooks and e-books. In 2013, the Humble Store was launched, offering digital games at deep discounts. Ten percent of all Humble Store purchases support select charities. The Humble Store met its $1 million for charity milestone in June 2014.