A First Look at the Lego Age of Ultron Sets

lego age of ultronFrom the German version of the Lego catalog we get a look at what we can expect for the Lego Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron sets. There’ll be six sets that’ll hit shelves around April.

The sets are below with what figures they include:

  • 76029 Iron Man vs Ultron – Iron Man MK45, Ultron Officer Drone, Drone Ultron x 2
  • 76030 Hydra Avengers Showdown  – Thor, Hawkeye, Hydra Agent
  • 76031 The Hulkbuster Rescue Mission  – MK43 Iron Man, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Ultron Prime
  • 76032 Avengers Quinjet Chase  – Captain America, Vision, Black Widow, Ultimate Ultron, Iron Man MK43
  • 76038 Attack on Avengers Tower  – MK45 Iron Man, Thor, Ultron, Iron Legion Drone x 2
  • 76041 Fortress Attack on Hydra  – Quicksilver, Hydra Agent, Baron Von Strucker, Hulk, Captain America


  • I hope there will be lego marvel 2 with more costumes e.g avengers 2 costumes, more characters e.g quicksilver,agent venom,etc and increased free roam areas like wakanda, guardians of galaxy quarters(in space),asgard,etc and more levels than the first