Marvel is Heading to the Supreme Court (Updated)

Supreme CourtWhile everyone was watching the Marvel vs. Kirby case, and whether that would be heard by the Supreme Court, we were focused on another case. When we last reported in October, Marvel was still waiting to hear their fate in Stephen Kimble, et al., Petitioners v. Marvel Enterprises, Inc.

The case involves toys and whether the petitioner is getting the correct royalties for the design concerning a Spider-Man webshooter toy. It involves a 50-year-old rule about how inventors can profit off of their patent.

The Supreme Court has updated the status of the case as “petition granted.” That means four of the justices have decided that the circumstances described in the petition merit review by the court.

The case will likely be heard some time this coming spring, and of course we’ll be covering all the details.

We’ve reached out to Marvel for comment.

Updated: Marvel has responded for our request for comment and said they can not comment at this time.