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TV Review: The Flash S1E9 The Man in the Yellow Suit

theflash_full_costumeBarry enjoys holiday traditions with Joe and Iris — and is faced with his nemesis; a touching moment with Iris is interrupted by Eddie’s arrival.

It feels like the season has been building to this moment, Barry’s, aka the Flash’s, run in with the man in yellow, who we comic fans know as The Reverse Flash.

About 45 minutes in, we’ve got the big meeting, not between The Flash, but between Wells, a few others, and The Reverse Flash. Here’s where we’re diving into spoilers…. You’ve been warned….

We know who The Reverse Flash most likely isn’t. In that same room was Thawne and Wells. So can we check two off of the list? Hopefully you waited to the end to find out.

Also in this episode…. we’ve got Firestorm! That’s right, Ronnie is in full flaming glory. His part was a bit short, and stilted, but it’s an intro, and we get a better look as to what we can expect the character to look like in the short-term, and some of his powers.

Overall, this episode was pure nerdgasm. Reverse Flash! Firestorm! Flash vs. Reverse Flash!

But, even with all of that, the episode still finds its heart. There are moments between Barry and both Wests that show off the series is more than a man in red. And tell me you don’t feel a bit heartbroken in the scene between Barry and his father. For all the action, there’s as much feels packed into this episode.

The Flash is building and building, and here’s the first big payoff, and boy does it deliver. The Flash is quickly becoming THE best comic television show on the air right now, and this episode is a prime example of why.

And what an ending!

Overall rating: 9.75