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TV Review: The Flash S1E8 Flash Vs. Arrow

theflash_full_costumeWhen a new meta-human, Chroma, threatens to take down Starling City, Arrow requires more help than his standard crew, and therefore, the Flash comes to help.

We knew it’d happen, but The Flash is teaming up with Arrow, in what is probably the most fun episode of the season so far that had me sporting a smile for almost the entire hour.

The Flash‘s greatest strength as a show has been it hasn’t taken itself too seriously, instead having fun, and poking fun at what it is (a bright red guy running around in a suit). This episode does all that and more.

There’s a montage of the Arrow training the Flash, which had me laughing out loud. There’s even a debate between people of who would win in a fight!!! The show brilliantly takes a lot of tropes that pepper these types of team-ups. It’s all done with such fun and glee, it’s almost infectious. I want an entire show of these two teaming up now.

The episode also helps darken up The Flash a bit, with Oliver reminding Barry what being a superhero means, and that things aren’t all smiles, something the show actually needs a little. Everything is almost too nice at times.

There’s also a moment at the end for fans of Arrow that’ll leave your jaw on the floor.

Take a fan written superhero team-up and put it on the screen, and that’s what you got this episode, a damn near perfect hour of entertainment and fun.

Overall rating: 9.75