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TV Review: The Walking Dead S5E8 Coda

walking-dead-5 photoRick and the group go face-to-face against Dawn and her officers in an attempt to save both Beth and Carol without any more bloodshed.

It’s the final episode for the fall of The Walking Dead and the epsiode brilliantly amps up the tension as the episode progresses. The episode builds up the last few episodes as Rick and his crew’s plan to retrieve Beth finally plays out….. to the expected tragedy we all knew was coming.

While a lot of the season has been pure action, and over the top violence, this episode is a reflective one that builds to a gut punch at the end. A coda is defined as “a concluding section or part, especially one of a conventional form and serving as a summation of preceding themes, motifs, etc., as in a work of literature or drama.” This episode perfectly encapsulates that definition.

The episode touches on a lot from the season, and previous ones, with lots of discussion of relationships, and actions. There’s a lot of discussion about dealing with what they’ve had to do, and there’s even reflection on the future and if everyone has one. It’s all about actions and reactions.

Five seasons in and the series can deliver gut punches, and hit you emotionally, something few shows on television can do, and do so regularly. Five and a half seasons in, the show delivers one of the most emotional hours on television and a roller coaster ride unlike anything else.

Overall rating: 9

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