TV Review: The Walking Dead S5E7 Crossed

walking-dead-5 photoWhile Carl, Michonne and Gabriel hold down the church, Rick takes a rescue mission to Atlanta, and Abraham’s group deal with the fallout from Eugene’s revelation.

It’s battle time, and this episode of The Walking Dead felt at times more like an episode of the A-Team, or Friday Night Lights. With Daryl back and Rick caught up that Beth and Carol are captured, folks decide on the plan to storm the hospital and get their friends back. Part of that is the initial plan on exactly what to do, no matter their decision, you know things aren’t going to go right.

Over with Glenn and Abraham’s crew, Abraham is dealing with the fallout of nearly beating Eugene to death, and doing so like a petulant child. Glenn steps up, as they look for food and figure out what to do with beaten Eugene.

The episode is a solid one moving us into the fall season finale. There’s some character development especially for Maggie and Rosita, as both step up a bit dealing with Abraham. Both show some more of their forceful personalities. There’s also something going through Abraham’s head as he figures out what he did, and where he’ll go from here. Sasha too deals with some stuff after the loss of Bob. Like everyone else, she’s focused on the mission, and messes up because of that. And what’s up with Father Gabriel?

What’s especially great is we get to see some of what’s been hinted at in what happened in Atlanta, we’re seeing some of the aftereffects of the battle that raged there.

There’s lots going into the fall season finale, and who knows who will and won’t make it out!

Overall rating: 8

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