Demo-Graphics: Video Games

VideogameretaildisplayIt’s Monday, and I’m looking at more demographic data via Facebook. In this case,  we’re expanding things a bit, and looking at the gender breakdown of those interested in video games. We’ve covered games in the past, but that focus was mostly board games, card games, miniature games, not video games.

The data is gathered using Facebook’s advertising platform, and in this case pre-generated categories put together by Facebook. The categories are based on habits, and likes from individuals. This does not look at individual games, the plan is to start looking at each of these categories separately and going into more detail.

Demographic data of video game players is nothing new. The Entertainment Software Association puts together a yearly report of the data. Their report finds that 48% of gamers are female.

Superdata Research also recently looked into gamers and found that “women play more PC games overall than men,” though it’s very close to a 50/50 split. They found that when it comes to the RPG genre women made up 53.6% of the market. MMOs and FPS’ were dominated by men with 66 percent. Also 58% of mobile gamers are women.

I broke down the data from Facebook a few different ways. What first needs to be stated is my data is for the United States only. It doesn’t include popular gaming populations like Japan or South Korea. That will be looked at down the road. Overall, in Facebook’s “game”s category women account for 53.70%. What’s surprising is, that’s a total of 108 million individuals in the United States. There’s 184 million in the United States, which makes 58.7% of the population interested in games of some kind.

What also needs to be mentioned is that the Facebook generic “games” category includes “board games,” “card games,” “casino games,” and “gambling.” I take those as not just being video games, but games in general. When those categories are removed women account for 54% of the population.

Those interested in “game consoles” is also a category to look at. In the United States, that’s 46 million individuals. Men are the majority here with 52.17%.

When you take out those questionable categories (like board games) and add in “console games” women are the majority at 52.94%.

On Facebook, women are the majority of those who like “games,” “board games,” “browser games,” “card games,” “casino games,” “first-person shooter games,” “gambling,” puzzle video games,” “video games,” and “word games.”

You can see the full data below.

video games facebook data

And that wraps up this week’s report.