SDCC 2014: Police Need Your Help Concerning a Cosplayer (Updated)

When a lot of the discussion before, during, and after San Diego Comic-Con has been about cosplay, harassment and consent, this drives home the point something needs to be done, and conventions need to take safety seriously. Tumblr blog Test Your Luck has the details.

One of my dearest friends was found on the side of the road, unconscious and bloody. She was wearing this cosplay on the day it happened. She was last seen with friends when she ran off after a disagreement. Please, please, please, if you have ANY information or saw her anywhere, contact her mother. The full information is down below. This isn’t okay and it’s sickening to know that this happened at a place people truly can enjoy themselves. Please spread the word.

”I just received a call from the San Diego Police Department and my daughter (redacted) aka (redacted) was found on the side of the road covered in blood with no ID unconscious. They are unsure what happened to her. My husband is on his way to the police station and then the hospital. If you have any information on what happened to her please send me a facebook message or call me at (redacted). Thank you in advance”. -(redacted)

This is a good time for the community to come together and pass along info if they have any information, even a photo of the girl helps put together a timeline.

I removed the number of the mother, instead please call the San Diego Police Department at (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154. – See third update below

Update: G33k HQ has reported that SDPD says the San Diego Harbor Police are handling it, which explains why they could neither confirm or deny it when we originally contacted them. We’ve reached out to the SDHPD for verification and further details.

Update 2: I’ve tracked down the parents Facebook pages. The pages do look legit, have lots of friends and been active for quite some time. They both mention this unfortunate incident. For those saying this is a “hoax,” I don’t believe it is.

Update 3: We received a press release from the San Diego Harbor Police:


Since the victim is a minor, her privacy and that of her family should be respected. I’ve removed photos of the victim, and links to any identifying info out of respect.

Update 4: We’ve received a new release from the San Diego Harbor Police concerning events.


  • this is fucking terribly i hope they catch the person who assaulted the young lady in question the sick fucker who did this deserves to rot my positive thoughts go to her family and friends

    • That’s the thing, it’s unclear what happened. So any info will help police piece that together.

    • There’s no saying it even was a person. Sometimes you can truly get so drunk you do harm yourself and do loose your purse and i.d.. I think more details are needed before any assumptions can be made (based just off of this article’s data)

    • all i have to say is that the world is a dangerous place and whoever did this knows well enough that what they did was wrong

      but that’s the risk you take when living in this world

      where were her friends when she needed them? how could she have wandered off alone?

      it’s a shame but these things happen far too often and the only way to remove the risk of these things happening is to not take the risk at all. if there’s one thing you can count on it’s human nature and the fact that some will prey on others like this girl.

      be safe. stay together. and protect each other! these conventions are supposed to be fun but when you add sex appeal to the mix people can become really ugly. hell! you don’t even need to add sex appeal but it sure as hell gives the incentive.

      long story short when people see what they want sometimes they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. it’s up to us as a community to keep these things from happening.

      (i feel like i’m about to get a lot of heat for this but oh well..)

      • “but when you add sex appeal to the mix people can become really ugly. hell! you don’t even need to add sex appeal but it sure as hell gives the incentive.” See that bit of your post there? That is classic victim blaming and, while not *as* ugly as the crime, it is still VERY damaging for the victims of assault. A person (it happens to men too) who has been assaulted has enough going on in trying to deal with the emotions brought on by the assault without being told that he himself, or her herself, is part of the cause. I don’t care if she was walking down the road naked – it is not an invitation for anyone to do anything without her full, unpressured, unaddled consent. End of story. No “but…” EVER.

        • Ah, of course there had to be someone who had to get a “x shaming” comment in here.

          Look… if you have a lot of valuables out all visible like, you’re more likely to get mugged. The same simply happens when you are wearing provocative clothing – you’re more likely to get sexually molested for that.

          There is no point in crying over “x shaming”. Victims are rarely without a fault in the happening of the incident – no matter how much you try to push the opposite.

          • Yeah, and anyone who’s ever been robbed should have known better than to leave their houses..or,not live in a fortress, if they were robbed in their house…Yep, it’s the victim’s fault! I’m highly curious to know what you’d say about child abuse, but, for once, I do *NOT* want to know, I have some faith in humanity left…

          • Well I hope no one ever treats you to a “you deserved it” rant if something bad ever happens to you. Sincerely, someone who was sexually assaulted while wearing a t-shirt, mid-thigh shorts, and running shoes, and minding her own damned business.

        • I get it. I know that it’s not a nice thing for me to say that. But the fact of the matter is that these things are going to happen no matter what. The only thing anyone can do is play it safe! People are still going to do bad things to each other. You can tell them right from wrong all you want it won’t make a difference. People (in general) who do bad things do it knowing well enough that what they’re doing is WRONG. But that doesn’t stop them! It’s not her fault that this happened. It really isn’t. BUT you can’t deny that there are certain things that people can do to prevent these things from happening. And not just things she could’ve done her self but things her friends could’ve done too. Tell me that there is no truth to what I am saying.

          It’s like me walking down a dark alleyway counting my cash. Assuming there are people there who see me doing that, chances are one of them are going to try and rob me of my money! It’s not my fault! But there are some precautions that I could’ve taken into account before putting myself in danger! I can tell those people that stealing is wrong! BUT THEY WON’T GIVE A FUCK AND THEY’LL JACK ME ANYWAY!

          • Thomas, we posted almost exactly the same thing. Im with you 100%. I teach self defense and part of that teaching is personal responsibility and accountability ie making SMART decisions. Predators dont care about whats ‘right’. We’re both going to get a lot of down votes by indignant people who dont live in the real world. Sharks dont care about a surfers rights.

        • I cant help but think it plays into it, but as a tiny fraction of the “reason” not as an excuse. It excuses nothing, you have no right to touch someone or be verbally offensive or anything to someone even if they are naked (as you said). However it is naive to think that the situation they are in doesn’t effect them. Would pervs and overall D-bags who are the type to grab a girls a** or take a picture of her without her permission exist even if the Convention they were at was hyper conservative and women were wearing full length dresses and showing no cleavage? Yes!

          But for those “bros” and “pervs” and random opportunistic guys with self esteem problems, being in a sea of attractive women that are wearing very little, cleavage and butt cheeks hanging out, posing in sexual ways for strange men with cameras (then they go home and criticize how female super heroines are drawn posing and how its misogynistic which is ironic)…does it not add ANYTHING to their desire to grab a ass in a hyper crowded ball room where they think they can do it and blend into the crowd no getting caught? I think its naive to think not. Is it an excuse? Frak no! They 100% shouldnt be allowed to, its against the law, the female gets 0% of the blame no matter what shes wearing or how shes posing.
          But if im walking around shirtless as Khal Drogo with fit body showing and women (and maybe men) are walking up and touching me as they take pictures and without my permission walking up and putting their hands on my abs and touching my ass as i walk by and whistling the cat call whistle to imply im hot…im not thinking “well im not inviting this on my self at all”. Im thinking if i dislike this, and want it to stop, i can go change and be more conservative. I cant find all the people at SDCC and have them served with legal papers suing them for being pervs/grabby/violating my body. Even if i did next year there would be a whole new batch. I can only control what i do.

        • I don’t think he was blaming the victim. He was saying that if you introduce sex appeal into an already dangerous situation, it increases the chances that something bad will happen. You say it’s not an invitation to do anything without her consent – but that’s absolutely not correct in the case of a rapist, because the rapist doesn’t care about consent. It *is* in fact an invitation to a sick criminal mind. There’s how the world *should* work, and there’s reality which is filled with people who rape and murder without a second thought. Dangerous places absolutely exist, and unfortunately women should not travel alone in certain places – regardless of their state of dress. Situational awareness, and avoiding potentially dangerous situations is the key to personal safety.

          If an American tourist walks into a Mexican cartel bar in a polo shirt with an iPad and ends up murdered, I think we can safely say that he put himself in a bad situation. Don’t go into cartel bars. Don’t walk around alone in areas that are out of public view. Both activities put you at higher than normal risk of being a victim (whether it be rape, a mugging, or worse).

        • And in a perfect world that would be a wonderful argument but its not a perfect world and this is a dangerous thought process. I should have the RIGHT to walk in to a crime ridden part of town with a handful of money openly displayed and not get robbed. I should have the RIGHT to show up to an LA Dodgers home game wearing a SF Giants jersey and not get beaten in to a coma in the parking lot. Its called common sense and the very real expectation that the BAD PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD DONT GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT WHATS ‘RIGHT’ or ‘FAIR’. Thats why theyre BAD GUYS. This is a SELF DEFENSE CONCEPT that is universal and as old as time.l. All these arguments about how ‘Dressing like this isnt an invitation’ is fallacious. It absolutely IS an invitation to people who are BAD and dont give a crap about what you think. Again, thats why theyre BAD GUYS. Is it fair? No, but life isnt fair and safety is about PERSONAL responsibility and accountability too. When I was a kid my mom always told me if you want to stay out of trouble then stay away from trouble. Dont put yourself in dangerous situations. Dont want to get in to a fight with a drunk asshole? Dont hang around bars. Dont want to get mugged? Dont go to bad parts of town late at night. Its not about JUST about women its about GOOD DECISION MAKING in a world filled with predators that dont care about whats right or fair. So, Beth, I understand where your heart is and I agree in principle but thats NOT the world we live in. The first and most important part of self defense and staying safe is good decision making and Im sorry but walking out late at night scantily dressed surrounded by drunks and bad people is not, nor has it ever been, a good idea. When you dress to get attention you are going to get attention and some of its going to be from sick, evil people that dont care one iota about whats right, fair or acceptable. Predators dont care. Its called common sense and no amount of indignation changes that.

        • Pointing out sex appeal isn’t victim blaming. If she got attacked I’ll tell you right now that’s one of the reasons. Pointing out a motive isn’t victim blaming.

        • I should add that I work as an Executive Protection Specialist in LA/Hollywood. One of the major things I stress with my clients is that good decision making is vital to staying ‘safe’ and unfortunately I sometimes have to deal with the repercussions of less than stellar decision making.

        • If she was attacked and did just get shitfaced and fall down.

      • That was kinda my thought.

        Specifically my thought is: SDCC (and other cons as they grow more popular but especially SDCC) can no longer be the “safe Nerd Meca”. It shouldn’t have been to begin with because its naive but it sure cant be now. Women need to stay in groups of at least two, need to be very careful and treat being at the con (and around the con and at their hotel) like you are going for a walk alone in a park at midnight and no one else is at the park that you can see.

        Its a sad sad sad sad sad reality to realize, especially for women, i cant imagine living life having to prepare for a rapist/murderer/etc being around every corner. But it is the reality. I have heard consistent reports of ass grabbing and verbal assault and physical assault and you know one year (if there hasnt been already) a rape will be committed. Disgusting but you get that many people together at a convention….

        As for this particular case, i will reserve all thoughts other than I hope she recovers and is okay, because we dont have barely any of the facts. All we know was she was unconscious and bloody…it didnt say she had signs of assault (sexual or battery) or anything (that i read). If someone did do something to her (for all we know it could be a friend, homeless person, complete stranger, stalker from the con, who knows) i hope they are found and brought to justice by our court system.

        • Don’t tell women what they ‘need’ to do to avoid harassment/assault. that is straight out victim-blaming – and it DOESN’T WORK.
          She’s an adult in a public place during the day.

          And ‘you get that many people together at a convention…’ is excusing disgusting behaviour, not addressing it.

      • “long story short when people see what they want sometimes they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. it’s up to us as a community to keep these things from happening.” …. so… it’s not the assaultists fault, but rather societies?

        Okay, got it.

  • You can click the link on her name and go straight to her facebook profile. That probably shouldn’t be allowed….

    • Hey Adam, I thought about that. I left it as it helps with identification and maybe it’ll jog some memories of people seeing her or interacting with her. I debated that a lot and hopefully it helps piece together what happened.

      • If you’re not sure what to do then wouldn’t the best thing to do be to ask her, if you have a link to her FB?

        Bear in mind you’re probably giving her information to the person who assaulted her, and also opening her up to harassment.

        I know it seems difficult to believe, but yes, there are people who would take this opportunity to harass someone. People can be really sick.

        • You’re right. I redacted the name and link to the Facebook page, but left the link to the original post.

          • Eats N Treats HD

            The op has a link to her Facebook. In a matter of about 30 seconds I found her high school, friends, family and likely addresses she may live. Have to do better protecting victims.

  • Poor girl.. my love goes to her :( <3

  • I wish her and her family all the best :(
    Hopefully they’ll find the one who did this.

  • I’ve been there… I’ll be sharing this on my pages to see if anyone has any tips.

  • What should also be addressed is the circumstances this happened in and what a person like this can do in the future to make these kinds of attacks harder to happen. Never attend a party with that many strangers on your own. Stay with a buddy at all times, including going for smoke , bathroom and snack breaks. Never wander outside for any reason unless you have your buddy. Don’t accept food, drinks or smoking products from strangers (< this is serious, there are people stupid enough to take things from strangers and wake up in strange places) Never get into a car with someone you don't know (even a taxi without a friend present) and above all, tell people where you are going; let your parents, your guardian, or someone you know that can check up on you if you go missing for a few weeks (< Neighbours have been known to remain dead in a house fr up to several months before anyone gave a shit, get friendly with your neighbours so they become suspicious if you are gone for long periods of time without notice.)

    • Also:
      Never attend a party on your own with this many strangers if you think you might assault one.
      Stay with a buddy at all times if you think you might assault some one, and never wander outside without your buddy.
      Don’t offer food, drinks, or smoking products to other people if you’ve laced them with something.
      Never invite a stranger into your car if you think you might assault him or her.
      Always tell someone where you’ll be so will know where you were if you do assault someone.

      I get that you’re trying to provide some common sense advice – and it is Stranger Danger common sense. And as the OP pointed out, we don’t know what happened. I mean, maybe she got drunk and ran into a wall a few times before dropping herself on the side of the road…? Nobody knows at this point. Unfortunately, what should be addressed here is not what this poor girl could have done to prevent this from happening to her (unless it’s something she did herself). What should be addressed is how to teach people that doing this to anyone is wrong. What we should focus on is figuring out what happened and bringing those responsible to justice if there are people who should be brought to justice.

      • “What should be addressed is how to teach people that doing this to anyone is wrong.” Sadly we could teach people this forever and there will always be some scumbag sociopath who absolutely doesn’t care and will do whatever they want. Therefore the self protection rules will need to be taught forever as well. I wish it wasn’t necessary, but it is.

      • I’d like to argue that people who do these sorts of things do it knowing well enough that what they are doing is WRONG. So “teaching” people right from wrong is NOT the issue.

      • I’m so sick of people like you, you cannot teach a bad person to not do bad things. But you CAN teach people to try to avoid scenarios like this. Please don’t bear ill will on someone who is just trying to help. Knowing how to prevent this is JUST as important as teaching children right from wrong. Unfortunately you cannot teach a violent adult making their own decisions to just NOT attack someone. All your message is doing is making it look like it’s okay to be defenseless, bad people are going to do bad no matter what. Telling them, “if you think you’re going to rape someone you probably shouldn’t please,” won’t do anything. Please actually think about what you wrote. The original statement isn’t placing blame on the victim, which is what you are implying, it’s pointing out things that people don’t think about because when you are at a con you feel at home, but cons are a fucking feeding frenzy for sick fucks, if you haven’t noticed. Go outside a convention later on in the evening, look around, across the street, down the side walk, watch how these gross, usually older men, look at cosplayers, how the homeless of the area flock to the entrance to ask for cigarettes and money, or how someone will ask, “where are you staying? Oh yeah, me, too! Where are you from?” This has been in abundance at every otakon I have been to, Wiz World Philly is also a flocking spot for these types. You are easy prey, you feel relaxed with people who are like you all around you, they know you have cash on you, they know you are staying at a hotel, they know you probably don’t have a parent around. BEING SAFE is not victim blaming. IT’S SMART TO HAVE THIS LIST IN MIND WHEN YOU ATTEND A CON. Please, stop making self awareness at cons look overrated and dumb.

        PS: “What should be addressed is how to teach people that doing this to anyone is wrong. ” THEY KNOW IT’S WRONG AND THAT’S WHY THEY GET A THRILL DOING IT. smh…

        • I agree with Laura Pepper with a couple of points here. A lot of people seem to think that it’s okay to not take responsibility for themselves and the people around them out of principle, thinking that just because it isn’t specifically their fault that the world’s a messed up place, that they shouldn’t have to. But that’s really only making things worse. There will always be rapists and murderers out there, and it’s everyone’s responsibility, both men and women, to make sure we can make incidents like this(if this is the kind of thing that actually happened in this case) even less frequent. Pushing the blame on society and pretending to be blissfully ignorant helps no one.

  • This is terrible! Thank goodness she is alive! I hope she can get through this and continue doing her hobbies. We need to take care of each other. We need to be careful what we do and where we go. We need to stick together. We need to think, and use common sense. For the most part the events are safe, but we need to be aware of our surroundings, we need to plan what were doing, where we are going, who we are with. Always have a schedule. Always stay with a group or a buddy. Never go off by your self, or leave the relative safety of the event. Obviously who ever is involved with harassing, assaults, unwanted touching or inappropriate photos needs to be swiftly and severely dealt with. There is a lot of security, but the crowds are overwhelming. BE SAFE PEOPLE!!! TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER!!! USE COMMON SENSE!!!

  • FuckThisFakeCosplay

    I don’t feel sorry for her. She dress slutty and she suffers the consequences and everyone feel bad for her? Real Cosplay = fun

    • Seriously? So bc a woman dresses provocatively she deserves to be hurt or worse? If that’s the case I hope you dress like a dick bc you deserve a beating you sick freak.

      • You know, just because she dressed a certain way for a convention, doesn’t mean she deserves this. Don’t place the blame on a victim just because of the way they dress, it’s disrespectful and juvenile. Besides, it’s not like you knew her, so get that shit out of here.

      • The original comment has been deleted and person banned. We don’t tolerate that behavior here.

    • Your a (deleted), buy your reckoning people deserve to be abused, beaten and attacked just because of what they wear? It is that sort of sick attitude that allows people to get away with this sort of bullshit.

    • Excuse you? Harming another person over what they decide to wear is -never- a defensible position. Never mind the blatant slut-shaming going on. So this is “just the consequences” of dressing up? Really? What someone wears, especially to an event like this is NOBODY else’s business, and they should never have to defend it. Politely fuck off.

    • Wow. People like your are exactly why rape culture is still A Thing. Slut shaming? Really?
      You’re a disgusting creature. Shave your neckbeard and get out of your mother’s basement.

    • Really, you use this as a time to troll? Shoo!

    • Victim Shaming is NOT ok. I don’t care if she walked around naked. That doesn’t give anyone the right to assault someone else.

    • Seriously? A “slutty” costume means someone deserves to be found bloody on the side of the road? Half of the con was people wearing revealing clothing (it was hot as hell). You are a sad, mean person.

    • this girl was found unconscious and bloody on the side of the road without id after comic con and you feel like she deserved it? because she dressed slutty? wtf’s wrong with you? seriously. get help.

    • What in the hell! you’re blaming the victim because of what costume she was wearing. No it’s whoever decided to attack her fault that they could not keep them selves under checker in control it’s never the victim’s falt. by the way thanks for adding fire to the rain culture and it being OK. Attack somebody for what they’re wearing

    • You should be ashamed of yourself. No one deserves to be beaten up, no matter what they are wearing. You are a very mean, nasty, judgmental creep. You really have no sympathy. It does not matter how someone is dressed, this is a crime, and should not have happened. You really need to reexamine your sense of decency.

  • Grr, it keeps posting the wrong video… Look at Machima HOTTEST Cosplay at Comic-Con 2014!

  • I don’t know what night this happened. I saw her Saturday night in the Mariott Marina lounge, between 9 and 10pm. She was sitting with an asian male. She came out into the food court around 9:45 to make a phone call.

  • I wasn’t there, but I just saw this video on youtube, not sure if it’s her, but it’s the same cosplay. Maybe someone can sent this video to whomever. At 1:42

  • Is there a way to open a petition for a ‘see something; say something’ cosplay policy as well as a petition to sign for charities to harassed cosplayers? Or just congoers in general?

  • el é bone

  • She’s beautiful. However it doesnt say she was raped, just beaten right? If she was just beaten up, who says it was a man who did it?

  • I saw her the other dat in this video, maybe the videographer can say when she was last seen?

  • I took that photo. I was going to share another here, but it won’t let me. Email me and I’ll send another back to add to this story.

  • I would remove that TUMBLR link as well, dude. People can find her info on it.

  • This is sick.
    IF this is related to some male who was sexually harrasing her, then I’m truly ashamed of my sex.
    Men have NO RIGHT behaving like they do around girls and women just because she is “dressed a certain way” or “looks like she is asking for it”.
    She is a person too, and a person with free will and who is allowed to dress how ever she feels like.
    She is not there to please anyone.

    My thoughts go to her and her family.

  • Regardless of what idiotic opinions people post on here, try not to argue with them. If/when someone posts with actual information it can get lost in a bunch of unnecessary back-and-forth bickering. ‘Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.’

  • She wouldn’t be attacked if she was black

  • This comment will probably get deleted (in Orwellian fashion) but I’ve heard reports from credible sources that this news story is fake. Could you please point to the sources you used for this report Brett Schenker?

  • Being reported on another site: this is being handled by San Diego Harbor Police, NOT by SDPD. Phone number is 619-686-6272. That article:

  • Give Me A Break.

    Nobody deserves to be harmed, by anyone else, for any reason.

    I think it’s shameful this article sensationalizes this poor girl’s situation by tacking on the “cosplay harassment” issue because it is simply the hot button ratings darling issue at the moment. The only reason this website did so, was to get webpage hits. We don’t even know if she was attacked! We only know that she’s injured, and before we go off on a witch hunt and blame the convention for not keeping her safe, lets look at the facts:

    1. “She ran off…” and “was found in the street” This DID NOT HAPPEN AT COMIC-CON and they have no reason to be blamed or expected to take care of someone who “ran off” from the event. Comments to the contrary are just crazy attempts to grab attention and headlines. Now, if this happened on the property of the convention center, then maybe I could understand concern about safety at the event.

    2. We don’t even know if it was even a case of an attack. She could have been hit by a car, she could have fallen and hit her head. She could have been mugged. I know someone who was victim hit-and-run while he was crossing the street the other day. It happens! Nobody noticed, and he landed on his face, which ended up pretty messed up. She could have been left for dead by a motorist for all we know.

    3. We don’t even have any idea if this is cosplay related, and frankly it should not have even been labeled as such unless there was evidence of an attacker commenting on or reacting to her costume. Saying she was “attacked because of cosplay” is just a plain out lie, meant to get the community fired up. Right now, it is strictly a mystery involving injury. If you want to get fired up, go ahead, but make sure it’s for the right reason: That this girl’s family needs help finding out what happened, regardless of the rumor, panic and hysterics surrounding her.

    I could go on about, safety regardless of attire, and she should probably have had a friend with her etc etc… but in the end, it’s just about an finding out what in the hell happened to this person.

    I hope she finds help. Even more, when she comes to, I hope she has the strength to stand up for herself when someone in her family and/or the public comes at her with “You shouldn’t have dressed that way!”

    • Give Me A Break.

      I would like to append to my comment to acknowledge that the implication that this was because of her costume is not just on the shoulders of the article’s author, but lies both within the friend’s quoted text within the article and in the author’s accusation that this happened because safety was not taken seriously enough at the event (or at cosplay events in general).

    • The way you’ve phrased this suggests that a hit and run is not an attack and that a mugging is not an attack. That’s not what you meant to imply, right?

  • Was not part of Comic Con, but did go drinking with friends in downtown SD on Saturday. One of them was a very attractive young lady, and she was continually touched while we were making our way down Market Street. Her boyfriend was near ready to knock one guy out.

  • Just spoke to Harbor Police. They have NO INFORMATION on this whatsoever – they say no police report was ever filed, and that it may be a hoax. They said that if more information becomes available, they would release a statement.

  • She was found by the roadsid bloody, hit and run is the first thing that comes to mind.

  • Can the idiots please stop jumping to conclusions about what happened, throwing out rape and abduction. There is no info on what happened, so STFU on filling in the blanks till you actually have factual info. Let the detectives do the actual detective work and keep your theories to your self. If you don’t know what happened and have no info to help just shut up. Jumping to conclusions makes it harder to get to the truth. Enough idiots are already implying rape, abduction, etc. All you do is make it easy for puerile who don’t actually read the article to assume something happened that didn’t and then start spreading your stupidity around.

  • I was recently at a writer’s convention in San Antonio, TX. Two thousand writers, primarily female. At the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel, a man followed a woman to her room, she ducked past him and found an open room where a member of the housekeeping staff was cleaning.. The maid immediately went out to get a description of the man while notifying security. Security began looking for him. The same man then got on an elevator and verbally harassed three women by asking if they would “go on a sex date” with him. As they left the elevator, one of the women told her friends and was in the process of alerting security when the same man sat down by a woman sitting alone reading and physically assaulted her by grabbing her neck (all this happened in perhaps a 10-15 minute period).

    The other women in the area immediately rushed to aid the woman and a male bystander joined in, helping the woman and also keeping the man confined to the area while security came to the location. When security arrived, the man bolted through a door that led to the Rivercenter Mall. The security guard chased him through the mall, outside and through a parking lot until he caught him and turned him over to the San Antonio PD. He was charged with trespassing, assault, and possession.

    Within hours we noticed a quite visible increase in not only hotel security, but San Antonio PD officers everywhere in the hotel and outside.

    I wonder about the two incidents. Did we have a much more positive outcome because we were primarily women and would not stand to see one of our own harassed in such a manner? I don’t know. But the staff at the Marriott was amazing in their response to the incident.

    Bottom line is, I suppose, that we all – men and women – need to begin stepping up when we see something happening and intervene. And women, yes, women, we need to learn to trust our instincts and lose the teachings of being “nice” and not making a “scene”.

    My heart goes out to this young girl and her family and friends. Things like this should never happen to anyone for any reason!

  • My guess is someone tried to pick her up and she said no so they got violent or something. People think revealing outfits = consent (especially at cons for some horrible reason) and it’s absolutely disgusting. I hope the culprits get arrested and banned from further conventions.

  • Benjamin Bensadoun

    I just called them as well to fact check and they said that this isn’t actually their Jurisdiction. It’s the Harbor Police’s. The number for the Harbor Police is 619-686-6272.

  • So profiling the actions taken by this unsub we’re looking for a male between the ages of 16 and 40, hermit like behaviors and an unreasonable view of women… which is basically all the guys at Comic Con.

  • “this drives home the point something needs to be done”
    fuck you for jumping to the conclusion that a con attendee did this.

  • Shut the Fuck up Feminazis

    To the feminists: Shut it. It could have been a jealous woman.


    I thought folks might be a bit understanding, and send well wishes, or help piece together the puzzle of what might have happened. But the conversation has devolved into victim blaming, amongst other garbage. This girl is hurt, and we tried to boost the signal so folks with information might come forward to help figure out what occurred.

    We don’t tolerate this behavior here. If you don’t want to be civil, and have an adult conversation, take it to another site.

    For those that think this is a hoax, I’ve spoken to the parents, I have seen their Facebook posts, I and other sites have heard from friends. If it is one, it is an elaborate one.

    For those that want to help spread the word, please share this post, reblog, whatever way you can help.

    I’ll update this post as more information becomes available.