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Demo-Graphics: The State of Marvel Comics

In June of 2013, I looked at the Facebook demographics of Marvel. Over a year later, I thought it’d be good to revisit that, and see where the comic publisher/movie studio/juggernaut is at in our newly renamed Demo-Graphics. This Friday, we’ll also look at DC Comics, Indie Comic fans, and the comic industry in general.

For those that don’t know, this data is mined from Facebook’s demographic data using terms that correspond to likes, groups, etc. For this report, we’re not looking at Marvel Comics specifically, but also Marvel Studio, Marvel Entertainment, and more. So think of this as the Marvel brand.

Unlike 2013, this 2014 report also focuses just on the United States. Last year’s was about 20 countries. Also since last year Facebook has updated their system, making this a bit of an apples and orange comparison, but still, general trends when it comes to percentage changes should be interesting.

Facebook Marvel Comics Fan Population: Over 11,400,000 United States

That’s down from last year’s 12.9 million individuals, but we’re also looking at 1 country, instead of 20.

Compare that number to the greater comic fandom which is about 24 million fans in the United States.

Since last year, Spanish speakers have shrank as part of the population. In 2013, they were 17.25% and in 2014 it now accounts for 14.39%.

Gender and Age

In 2013 Men made up a little over 75% of the population and women just under 25% for those interested in Marvel. In that year, the company has made some massive improvements. Men now account for 63.16% and women now 36.84%.

Since last year for Marvel has decreased 12.29 percentage points, and women have increased 12.39 percentage points. Marvel has clearly made women a priority and that has moved the dial.

marvel gender 7.24.14

Here’s how the gender plays out over age.

marvel gender age 7.24.14Also changed since the previous year is how the ages break out in percentages. Those under 17 have dropped significantly, going from 24.6% of the population in 2013 to only 9.27% in 2014. Those 18-21 are about the same, and the percentage lost for those under 17 have been distributed to those over 22. Here’s the full raw numbers for 2014 as far as age and gender.

marvel gender age raw 7.24.14Relationship Status

There’s been some massive changes in the “relationship status” statistics. They’ve been expanded greatly, with more options, so comparing the two are very difficult. Here is where Marvel is in 2014.

marvel relationship status 7.24.14And for those who like their pie charts.

marvel relationship status pie chart 7.24.14Education

Education too has changed since last year giving a lot more options. Here’s the full stats for those interested in Marvel.

marvel education 7.24.14Gender Interest

This too has had the statistics expanded. Generally though, individuals interested in the same sex have dipped by a few tenths percentage points since 2013.

marvel gender interest 7.24.14Stay tuned today as we bring you more, including DC and the general Comic-dom!

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