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Demo-Graphics: The State of Indie/Small Press Comics

Earlier today we brought you demographic reports based off of Facebook data for Marvel, and DC. Up next is independent/small press comics! Basically, everyone not the “big two.”

For this report I looked at comic book publisher likes that are not the big two or part of the big two. For this report, Vertigo, Zuda, Icon, are not included though they share similar comics as to other in this report. For this report, terms like IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Fantagraphics were included. Manga was left out of this as well.

In 2013 62 terms were used to generate these stats. In 2014 that number has shrunk to 49. However Facebook updated their system in late 2013, returning more data than ever before. Both reports just focused on individuals in the United States.

Facebook Population: Over 3,200,000 in the United States

The indie/small press population has grown since last year by about 1.2 million individuals.

In 2013 Spanish speakers accounted for 13.00%. In 2014, that percentage dipped a bit, and is now 12.5%.

Gender and Age

In 2013 men accounted for 54% of the population and women 46%. A year later, that has shifted a bit with men now accounting for 57.50% and women 40.63%. In the growth since last year, it was almost 2:1 men.

Here’s the changes of the stats since last year.

indie changeHere’s the stats for gender.

indie gender 7.24.14This is how gender changes as far as percent over age.

indie gender age 7.24.14And the raw data.

indie gender age raw 7.24.14Relationship Status

Since 2013, Facebook updated this statistic so there’s more choices than ever, so it’s a bit difficult to compare this year to last year. Here’s the statistics as they stand for 2014.

indie relationship status 7.24.14And for those that like pie charts.

indie relationship status pie chart 7.24.14Education

This statistic too has changed since 2013. Here’s the expanded data as it stands this year.

indie education 7.24.14Gender Interest

This statistic too has changed since last year, with more options. Compared to 2013 though, men interested in men is roughly the same when you include the “men and women” option. Women interested in women though has dipped.

indie gender interest 7.24.14Join us at 6pm when we look at comic-dom as a whole!

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