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Demo-Graphics: The State of DC Entertainment

With San Diego Comic-Con under way we’re looking at the demographic data for various publishers and comics. We’ve already posted Marvel‘s stats, and later today will be a look at indie comics, and the industry as a whole. Up next is DC Entertainment.

This statistic breakdown, we’ve looked at terms like DC Comics and Vertigo Comics, but not specific comic series or characters. It’s a focus on DC Entertainment and its publishing imprints. Think of it as looking at the DC brand. Since 2013, Facebook has changed their system, which has resulted in greater, better results.

Facebook DC Comics Fan Population: Over 4,400,000 US

Compared to 2013’s statistics, the DC population grew by about 1.7 million. The 2014 report also looks at just the United States, where as in 2013 it looked at 20 countries. So, over the year, DC has built up their social media presence in an impressive way.

In 2013 Spanish speakers accounted for 16.19% of the population. In 2014, that amount dropped to 14.55%, but keep in mind this is just focused on the US, and not internationally, which likely accounts for the drop.

Gender and Age

In 2013, men accounted for 68.72% and women were 30.71% of the DC population. Flash forward about a year, and men now account for 68.18% and women are now 28.64%. Both of those have dropped, mostly as there’s a significantly higher amount of individuals who are not marking their gender.

Here’s how the stats have changed since last year.

dc changeAnd here’s the stats in a handy pie-chart.

dc gender 7.24.14

And here’s how gender shapes up by percent over age.

dc gender age 7.24.14Here’s the full raw numbers as far as age and gender. As you can see, like Marvel, the individuals under the age of 17 has shrunk, with the gains distributed in those over the age of 22.

dc gender age raw 7.24.14Relationship Status

Since 2013 Facebook has greatly expanded the stats for relationship status, so we can’t really compare it. Here’s the latest results.

dc relationship status 7.24.14And for those who like their data in pie chart form.

dc relationship status pie chart 7.24.14Education

The stats for education have also been updated, providing more choices. Here are the new statistics.

dc education 7.24.14Gender Interest

This statistic too has been changed since last year. However, the percentages for those interested in the same sex has dipped since last year.

dc gender interest 7.24.14That wraps it up! This afternoon we’ll be looking at indie comics, and even later how comic fandom has changed as a whole since last year.


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