Jim Zub to Take on D&D for IDW?

Boo-TeaserOver at his website, go to fantasy adventure comic writer Jim Zub posted the teaser to the left with “go for the eyes,” and a saying more details are coming next week.

What’s up with the above you ask? Well the hamster is actually a “miniature giant space hamster” name Boo, a companion of Minsc, a character from the Baldur’s Gate Dungeons & Dragons video game. Baldur’s Gate is a setting in the Forgotten Realms, the current setting of the latest edition of the roleplaying game. The saying “go for the eyes” also comes from the game.

With this teaser, I think it’s pretty sage to say we’ll be seeing some new D&D comics published from IDW with Jim Zub in the writer’s seat. Zub is a perfect writer for this, and it’s a perfect time to reboot D&D in comic form.

Zub is the writer of Skullkickers, an off-the-rails fantasy adventure series published by Image Comics. It’s setting and characters are clearly rooted in the roleplaying game, of which Zub is a fan. He also writes the Pathfinder series of comics, also a fantasy series based on a roleplaying game.

Dungeons & Dragons the game, published by Wizards of the Coast, has just seen a new edition released, the fifth edition of the classic series. Wizards of the Coast has released the basic rules of the game, for free, through their website. The free rules set is everything you need to get started. IDW has also moved into the gaming market with IDW Games, so there’s a possibility that might be involved as well.

Pair up a new rules set for a classic game, a talented writer who knows the material, and a company wanting to get their game in as many hands as possible, and a publisher who’s willing to embrace new ways to market, and you’ve got an awesome combination.

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